6 Tips on How to Promote Your Cleaning Business


Cleaning businesses are an excellent venture but once you begin, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to promote it! With the many marketing strategies today, which are the most effective and where can you start?

Read on as I show you the top effective tips to promote your cleaning business!

1.     Connect With the Local Community

This is the best way you can promote anything, really! Establish connections between your cleaning business and your target market.

You can go door-to-door and ask if people or businesses require cleaning services or leave your flyers and business flyers. Run local radio commercials for small fees, host networking events if you have the budget, or even have a volunteer day to help nonprofit organizations.

All these can help spread the word about what your business is. With a more positive presence, the more trust you build with the local community. This will most likely lead to more sales and referrals!

2.     Utilize Google Ads

Google Ads is pay-per-click advertising services, a platform where you pay only if someone interacts with your advertisement. It does take a bit of money when promoting using Google Ads, but it puts you on the map!

In fact, many businesses such as BAM Window Cleaning Melbourne utilizes Google Ads because of its high reach. You don’t have to spend as much and you can control your budget and who sees your ads, so you won’t waste marketing funds.

When people use Google to search for nearby cleaning businesses, yours will appear on the search engine and other platforms as well. You can start it for free so you can have it set up and use PPC ads once you have the budget.

3.     Set Up Social Media Accounts

If you haven’t begun posting on social media, then you’re missing out on a lot of business opportunities! Social media is a popular and free way you can advertise and promote your business. You can even build a network with fellow local businesses and connect with your customers.

One of the popular platforms cleaning businesses use is Instagram, as images are its primary feature. Also, consider using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for posting updates and promotions.

Don’t only post but engage with your audience, inviting them to comment on your posts and respond to those who interact with you. This gives your company a voice in both the online and local community. Remember to use relevant hashtags and encourage people to share your posts!
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4.     Offer Enticing Incentives

There’s no denying that people love free things! That’s why discounts and giveaways are the surefire way to attract attention to your cleaning business.

For example, you can offer free consultation and a discount on their first cleaning. Or, you can throw in free services for new or repeating customers. During the holidays, send a small token of appreciation to your regulars.

Of course, you need to be realistic and make sure you’re still making a profit. Just consider these incentives as an investment in the business, as there is a higher chance of them staying and coming back for your services if they see you offer the best.

5.     Referrals and Online Reviews

After each, the job you finish, ask your customers for potential referrals. You can utilize cleaning service software and programs where customers can refer to your company.

Besides asking for referrals, you can also ask for online reviews. You can even give discounts to new or recurring clients when they provide positive and honest reviews of your cleaning business in platforms such as Facebook, Google Places, or Yelp.

With online reviews, you can build your authority and become more noticed in the area (in a good way!). When people search for cleaning businesses nearby and check your reviews, they’ll be sure to keep you in mind.

6.     Email and Postal Mail Campaign

Email marketing and postal mail campaigns are definitely NOT dead. With millions of people opening their emails, you can make a lot of sales as long as you are relevant and valuable enough for them.

You can do this by offering free incentives when asking for their email address and contact details. Then, you can send updates to those emails regularly, even squeezing in a few exclusive promos.

You can also do a postal mail campaign, as offline marketing needs to be a part of your strategy. And YES, they work, especially when done locally. Send out well-designed banners, flyers, or other promotional content.

This will get their attention and have them know that if they require cleaning services, they know who to call.

I hope that all these tips will help your cleaning business become more known in your local community. Don’t wait any longer and start using any of these tips to market successfully now! Good luck!