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6 Tips for a Perfect Small Home Office

No matter what you do in your home office, you deserve more than just a desk and a chair. If you create an office that you want to spend time in, you will always do some extra work. So, here are some tips on how to create a fabulous small home office.

Choose a good location

No matter how much time you’re planning to spend in your office, don’t even try to cram a desk into a closet and call it a home office. Give yourself a real space you can work in! Can you work surrounded by distractions? Do you need a quiet place to be productive? And if you’re planning on seeing clients there, you need to provide ample seating!

Equipment Equipment

Speed and efficiency should be your priorities, but have realistic limits. You don’t have to buy that industrial style copier when you can take five and drive to your nearest print shop. Only get the equipment you will use daily, and make sure that equipment is the fastest available. You don’t want to waste time waiting for your computer to boot. Also, consider getting a wireless hub that will give you flexibility so you can move around the office. Additionally, get a good office phone with a separate line to your office. The phone should have messaging, conference call and speaker functions. After you invest in some high-quality equipment you must not forget about insurance. Many companies even offer special coverage for home workers.


Good lighting is essential for any workspace. Working only during the day when you have natural light is ideal. Daylight is the best light for our eyes due to the fact it’s  balanced and contains the equal proportion of each color of the spectrum. If you need to work into the night, a combination of general and task lighting will do the trick. There are even light sources that replicate daylight to provide full-spectrum lighting for offices that don’t get enough natural light. The position of the light source is also important. Avoid placing general lighting above your computer screen and don’t put your computer right in front of a light source in order to avoid causing eyestrain.

Privacy Privacy

Who can work effectively in a noisy and chaotic environment with constant interruptions? When choosing the location, make sure you place your office somewhere quiet. You can wear noise-canceling headphones, but do you really want to be forced to wear them all the time? You can use portable screens or divider walls to shield the work area from other activities. Some people say that a level of white noise is effective in muffling other noise, so think about getting an air purifier or a low fan. There are also signs that say “No interruptions” or “Quiet please” you can get at office supplies stores or Ebay.

Make it comfy and homey

After all, this is a HOME office, so unless you’re going for an extreme contemporary look, think about giving your office that comfy feeling. Use mugs as pencil holders or wicker baskets for storage. Get a nice rug that feels soft under your feet or a cozy armchair for when you need to take a breather. Also, feel free to hang some inspirational quotes or your children’s artwork to give you strength when you feel worn out.

Make it comfy and homey


No matter what you do, you should put your health and safety first. Every piece of furniture you choose for your office should be ergonomically designed. Today, many chair manufacturers have ergonomic chairs that provide maximum comfort and won’t damage your back and spine while you’re sitting in front of a computer. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, make sure you invest in a good chair. There are also footrests, ergonomic mouse devices that perfectly fit your hand and soft keyboard pads for the relaxation of the wrist. All of these can make your working experience more pleasurable and less stressful to your body.

If you consider all of these tips, you will have a home office that will inspire to do great things. Still, remember not to overwork yourself and take regular breaks to rest your eyes and stretch.

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