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6 Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook

Facebook, the largest social media platform has over 1 billion active users. This platform has come out as one of the most feasible platforms to market your products and services. However, it is equally tough to build and create an engaging fan base on Facebook.

Here you can know about the best tips as to how to get increase your fan base and also to get more likes. This whole process does not happen overnight. Remain patient and see the miracle upon following these tips:

1. Post the Content During The Best Time Slot On Facebook

When it comes to posting any sort of content on Facebook, then always keep in mind the factor of timing. Make sure to publish the post during the best time slots. You should know at what time your target audience uses Facebook.

Furthermore, it is of no use of publishing your posts when your target audience and niche market is at work or asleep. Most of the people prefer to use Facebook after work or when they are in transit. Moreover, the best time to publish your content on this platform is right after 7 pm.

2. Post Excellent Quality Photos

In addition to, publish and post excellent quality photos on your Facebook page. A single photo carries a worth a thousand words. So, always upload high-quality photos on your page. Excellent and high-quality photos stand out better and deliver the required message instantly to your target audience. Most certainly, you have to make very much sure that you upload and share clear and attractive images on your page.

3. Run and Schedule a Facebook Contest

This is another effective tip to get more and more likes on your page, it is by running and scheduling a Facebook contest. This counts as an ideal and recommended way to get more engagement and likes.

These kinds of contests ensure that more and more frequently visit your Facebook page. So, if you have created a page on this social media platform, then make sure to run different contests so that you can multiply your Facebook page engagement rate.

4. Post Frequently and Consistently on Facebook

To see thousands number of likes on your Facebook page, what you can do is to post frequently and consistently on your page. This is how you can drive a maximum amount of engagement and also likes for your page.

Analyze your posting frequency and then decide how many times you need to post every day! It is observed that publishing 2 to 3 posts per day manage to receive and get higher user engagement rate. But do not compromise on quality over quantity factor. Your posting frequency should not affect its quality.

5. Engage and communicate with your Facebook Audience

Engage and interact with your Facebook page audience frequently and regularly. You can only retain the trust and credibility factor if you manage to maintain a friendly attitude with your niche most noteworthy, get feedback from your Facebook page audience.

Ask any of the open-ended questions from them and get their feedback and views. Thus, creating and initiating lengthy and lively kind of conversations with your followers will always give you lots of Facebook Likes.

6. Get real-life testimonials and reviews from other customers

The last way to keep on getting more likes on Facebook, it is done by understanding the significance of real-life testimonials.

These real-life testimonials tell how much practical, real and authentic your page is! You can show the credibility of your product or service by communicating and displaying these testimonials to your audience. Ask your clients to share and pen down their testimonials.

Moreover, it is often seen that a large number of consumers base their buying decisions on real-life testimonials and online reviews.


Hence, do try out these super easy ways and get tons of free facebook page likes every single day. For more details, keep connected with us.

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