6 Top Benefits of Instagram Reels to Businesses for Social Media Marketing


Instagram Reels is an awesome Instagram feature that helps you upload video content of 15 seconds duration. Therefore, if you are planning to use IG for your business, Reels is your best bet. You can post some fun videos related to your brand through Reels. You don't need to share formal content all the time. You may also integrate filters as well as music to your Reels video to make it more interesting and engaging for your target audience.

According to an article published in Forbes, Instagram always tries to retain users on this social platform and Reels is no different.

In this article, we will walk through the six top rewards of Instagram Reels for your business and successful social media marketing. Read on to learn more.

1. A variety of music files, filters, and AR effects

Instagram Reels helps you create awesome content to delight your followers. When it comes to content creation, it provides the choice of opting for a wide range of audio files, filters, as well as AR effects. You can add these components to your Reels video to make it look and feel great. When it comes to AR effects, you can use them in your video to boost the content quality. Remember the key to the success of Instagram marketing is awesome content creation. Audio or music files, AR effects, and filters help you do just that.

2. Create 15 seconds of the best video

When it comes to Instagram Stories, the video lasts for only 12 seconds, but this is not the case if you use Reels. You can upload video content of up to 15 seconds as well as include music and advanced filters to the content.

Make sure you create the best video content within those 15 seconds to pique audience interest. There is no place for mediocrity when it comes to IG content, be it Instagram Reels or any other feature on this visual social media tool.

3. Sharing educational content is easy

If you are a business and want to educate your audiences, Reels is the best tool to share some exceptional educational content. For example, if you sell beauty and skincare products, you can share five skincare tips, the secret sauce to make delicious pasta in 10 minutes, or five tips for making your living room look awesome. When it comes to sharing educational content, you have multiple things to use through Instagram Reels. Your audience will love such content because they can master new skills, be it cooking, skincare, or home décor.

These days, many food businesses are sharing health and fitness meal recipes that are delicious and good for family health. These businesses use IG Reels to share such useful content. They use natural ingredients and real food to make the Instagram Reels video look more authentic.

Make sure that your videos are simple, short, and include easy instructions that users can follow. These videos gain much popularity. You can even include relevant hashtags such as #healthyfood, #snack, #healthymeals, #lowcarbdiet, and so on. Once your videos have engaging content, you can garner Instagram followers for your Reels videos.

4. Delighting audiences with behind-the-scenes content

When you share behind-the-scenes content through IG Reels, your audience understands who the face behind the business is. They will like to know who you are, what you sell, and why you are selling specific products. In simple words, Instagram Reels videos help you gain customer trust, build business relationships, and most essentially, let you connect with your audience on a personal level.

Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. For instance, you can share behind-the-scenes shots of your staff tossing up meals for guests amid the corona pandemic, if you are into the restaurant business. Again, if you have a website design agency, you can share behind-the-scenes shots of a normal working day in the life of a web designer. Make sure that these videos are crisp, short, and to the point.

There are many ways to look for behind-the-scenes ideas. These include:

·         You share a process of how you create a product idea

·         Share content related to how you select materials for the items you sell

·         Share a video of the daily life of your staff

·         Share your business message or brand story

·         Share videos about how your business idea came up

·         Share videos about the challenges you faced

5. Helps you display your products in the best way

IG Reels is found on the Explore Tab, which means that even non-followers can view your content, which is a great opportunity to reach out to them as well. Then, you should use text overlay, relevant hashtags, and description video captions to help Instagram know what your content is about in the first place. IG Reels helps you to display your products in the best way to create a first good impression on your followers.

Beauty brands often highlight the benefits of using putty primers through IG Reels and use emojis to make the content more engaging. Cosmetic brands also use IG Reels to display how women can wear lashes.

Additionally, you can collaborate with the best IG influencers to promote your beauty products or for that matter, any other items you sell. You aim to show your products in the best light through Instagram Reels to build engagement, follow count, and likes. It helps in boosting your brand awareness.

6. IG Reels helps you declare your sales

You can use Reels to declare your sales and super deals or discounts. Many brands are using this strategy to build engagement and promote sales of their products. Then, make sure that you keep your Reels video authentic and do not make it extremely pushy or use aggressive advertisement. Focus on fun and genuineness when it comes to Instagram Reels. There is no need to make your content extremely formal. Make them look funny, informative, and casual instead.


Now that you know about the many benefits of using Instagram Reels, make an effort to promote your content to build engagement and boost brand awareness. Keep things subtle and not overly aggressive.