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6 Ultimate Tips for Knife Collectors


Since the Stone Age, knives have been an indispensable companion to mankind. It is one of the oldest tools. Today, knives have countless designs and materials. Knives are now considered a form of art. Keeping a collection of knives is also a hobby. It continues to be a prime tool that is easy to handle and use, even in today’s vibrant society. A pocket knife can serve as a survival tool.


The purpose of any blade is to cut – this is what the knives were invented for. There are dozens of routine applications of it. From the threads on your clothing and the awful frustration of plastic clamshell packaging to the steak in campfire that needs to be cut, knives are a way to get the job done.

Start Collecting Knives

If you have seriously made up your mind to collect knives, the best idea is to gather information about the numerous brands and seek information on collectible knives. It can easily be done by participating in the knives’ forum, attending knives’ shows, and making friends on social platforms where knife collectors share their knowledge about knives. This hobby is really interesting. A good knife collection could be a showpiece in a drawing room and a topic to start a conversation for the host.

Tips for Collecting Knives

Do research

There is nothing worse than spending $600 on rare knives that are fake. You probably can’t tell how unique a knife is or what its value is as antiquity. Keep a watch on knife forums and auction sites. You must know your knife before you decide to buy it.

Collect the ones that you like

Don’t buy a dull knife. You don’t need to focus on anyone’s opinions — get the collection of knives that you want. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with your collection. If collecting knives is your hobby then never buy knives with the intention to sell them later for a profit. A good collection of knives is based on designs and types of knife.

Know the Price

It is recommended to keep an eye on the market about the models and specifications of knives with respect to price. It is better to keep tracking the record on how much a certain knife was sold for and in which year. This record gives you an idea whether the price of that specific model is going to be lower or higher in the future. It helps you decide whether to buy it now, later or to change your mind. If you know the value of your knife, you would buy it with more confidence and easily.

Have Patience

Most of the time people see a rare knife, like joker knives, and quickly jump for it. Later they get to know that the same model with better conditions and a lower price is available. In case there is any defect or even if you doubt it, have patience and consider buying later. You can buy it instantly if the knife is rare and it is unlikely to come across that model again in the future.

Plan the Budget

Instead of getting into the buying spree, buying too many knives at once and miss other rare knives, it is better to buy a few at a time. The amount of money you are comfortable to spend on a knife is your personal choice. Grow your collection of knives sensibly and slowly. This is how you will get more time to research and it enables you to get them in the best condition with the best bargain.

Upgrade Your Collection

If you feel that your collection is losing its value or the collection has gone out of style, don’t worry! There are already too many knives available in the market for sale that is the same as yours. Don’t be quick to sell them out. Wait for better offers. After or during the process of selling out your collection, seek for the new models and buy those who you think will stay in fashion for long.

Recommendations for Beginners

It is recommended for beginners to start collecting newer models of high-quality knives. The collection will grow over time in value. Once you are done with the research on more historical type blades, then you will be able to make larger investments. In general, the price of a knife varies from $5 to $600. Pocket knives are well-known and versatile as a tool. A few models, such as tactical folding knives, Higonokami and Balisongs make up a great collection of fine pocket knives.

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