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6 Useful Tips to Preserve your White Hotel Towel’s Softness

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The first feature that you check in good quality hotel towels is their softness and fluff because, let’s admit, a towel devoid of softness is hard to use and most importantly difficult to come across. No matter what material your hotel towels may be composed of, the soft touch and feel is a natural expectant quality.

With time and use, the white hotel towels naturally become hard, loses both its fluff and comfort factor. The condition of any towel is destined to get worn out and become rough due to prolonged usage and the work of friction.

But does that mean you can’t prevent your white hotel towels from getting firm and coarse? Of course you can! Read these below-mentioned tips to retain the softness of your towels:

  1. Reduce the use of detergent- A common misconception that prevails in the minds of many is that using too much detergent is the best way to keep your white towels looking white. In reality, you should avoid using detergent more than your towels require. According to majority of the hotel linen suppliers, using the suggested amount of detergent is enough to keep your hotel towels clean and fresh. Using excessive detergent at once lead to deposition of soap residues that ultimately makes your towel stiff and rough over time.
  2. Warm water wash- It is said that to clean a fabric that is heavily dirty, giving a warm water wash is effective in removing the dirt. Likewise, washing the towels in warm water not only successfully cleans but also keeps your towels soft. Warm water doesn’t allow any soap residue to build up on the towel fibers. Hence, all you need to do is add the detergent in the warm water inside the washing machine, let it get dissolved, start the wash cycle, wait for a minute and finally drop all your hotel towels in the machine. Just a few more minutes and you will be ready to take out your freshly laundered towels, waiting to get dried!
  3. Forget fabric softeners, Welcome vinegar- The reason why a fabric softener is an enemy for your towels is that it contains silicon that prevents towels from getting properly washed. To keep your towels soft, use a cup of vinegar once a month. Vinegar helps to restore the lost softness in your towels and also removes any soap build-ups that would otherwise make the towels rough and hard. In addition, vinegar also boosts up the power of absorbency in the towels, improving the functionality of the towels. After washing and rinsing the towels, give a final dip in a tub of water mixed with vinegar.
  4. Use baking soda- The power of baking soda is again amazing! It effectively removes all kinds of stubborn dirt, grime, stains and chemicals, brings back the softness and even gets rid of any foul odor resulting from the old deposition of soap residues. Add a half cup of baking soda with your detergent amount and go about with your usual washing procedure.
  5. Keep your load light- It is known that there are too many towels that require washing and cleaning but do not do it all at once! Avoid putting all the white towels inside the washing machine since this will not only exert pressure on the machine but also won’t allow the towels to get properly cleaned due to lack of space. You need proper space in the dryer also to get your towel back to its fluffy state. For most washing machines, washing 2-3 towels at a time is considered appropriate.
  6. Watch out for your tumble drying method- Tumble drying is admittedly necessary to restore your towel’s fluffiness but using excessive heat can also damage your towels. Hence, it is best to use low heating temperatures or partially dry the towels in the shade and the rest in the dryer. Also, if you are drying the towels in shade, make sure you give a good shake to your towels so that the fibers are fluffed up.

Conclusion- All these six tips will help you to retain the softness of your luxury hotel towels. However, if these suggestions come to no avail, consider it as a call for change; in other words, it is time to contact your hotel linen supplier in UK again for a fresh set of white hotel towels!

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