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6 Valuable Tips for a Successful and Memorable Virtual Town Hall Meeting

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When it’s impossible to get your team together in one venue, an online town hall meeting is the answer. You get the benefits of an in-person activity, with the added perk of everyone attending, no matter where they are. To assure a successful e-conference with no one zoning out, you must make it very engaging for the attendees. Execute these 6 valuable tips, and you’ll surely have a memorable virtual town hall meeting


Conduct a Fun Icebreaker 


When you’re conducting an online meeting, you want to make sure everyone is not just present for attendance. Instead, you want your team actively engaged for your message to be truly understood. For best results, grab their elusive attention immediately with a fun ice breaker activity. Try the following:

  • Set up a meeting theme

  • Put up a nice background

  • Ask everyone to wear color-coordinated shirts for unity

  • Do fun personal questions like, “Where’s your next vacation?”


You can also introduce new team members as an icebreaker. It is a perfect chance for everyone to loosen up and feel relaxed before the real, serious topic begins. 


Celebrate Each Milestone 


Boost everyone’s morale by celebrating each milestone and win. People who feel valued show more affinity for the company. You must give credit where it is due by:

  • Recognizing key players who gave an exemplary performance.

  • Discussing staff’s career milestones. 

  • Sharing company-wide gains. 

  • Conducting a short awards program with e-certificates. 


Make It Easy for People to Join


You can expect more attendees for your virtual town hall meeting when you make it easy for people to join. Thus, you must opt for an easy video meeting software that makes it seamless to connect with everyone. With a suitable platform that’s easy to set up, all your employees can join in the fun and conversation with a mere click. By using the right digital solution, the meeting can start on time, and everyone can share slides without hitches. 


Provide Time for Each Department Leader to Speak


Remember, having one person speaking the entire time can be very boring. If you don’t want the meeting attendees to lose interest, you need to shake things up. Besides, team players love seeing their department leaders speak on behalf of the team. For this reason, you must give time for each leader to give updates on projects and important announcements. Through this, your employees will feel fully invested in the program. 


Include Meeting Breaks to Prevent Fatigue


If you don’t want anyone to fall asleep during your virtual town hall meetup, you need to give breaks. A short one where they can stretch, go to the bathroom, or drink water will give them a chance to refresh and refocus. After all, you want them hyped for the next segment of the meeting. 


Open the Floor For Questions


Finally, just because everything is virtual doesn’t mean only one person will dominate the meeting. Even online conferences must have two-way dynamics. They can ask directly or send chat questions. After sharing updates, open the floor for questions. Remember, open communication lines ensure everyone stays aligned and works towards the same goals. 

Official Q&A events or gatherings required for everyone are a customary installation at most associations. It is perhaps the best approaches to share organization refreshes and advance a discourse among administration and staff. Nonetheless, as most organization occasions, municipal centers have additionally gone virtual since COVID-19. With representatives telecommuting for almost a year now, hierarchical arrangement is basic. And keeping in mind that most associations have been facilitating virtual municipal centers on a week by week or month to month premise, commitment rates keep on being a reason for concern.

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