6 Ways that Companies Can Be More Environmentally Conscious


More companies are adopting green initiatives to decrease their environmental impact, lower operational costs and invest their savings into other sectors of their business. Eco-friendly organizations benefit the environment, and their progressive methods set them apart from competitors that seem oblivious to the devastating effects of careless business practices and how they affect the world.

Renewable Energy

In some parts of the world, utility companies have added renewable energy sources to run their power grids. However, most utility giants continue to rely on fossil fuels to provide power to their territories. If you want freedom from your city’s power monopoly, you can choose a commercial solar installation for your business. Solar energy is more efficient and cost-effective than ever before, and the larger cell modules used for commercial installations have a higher output than residential ones. Another advantage of using solar energy is the tax benefits. Your company may qualify to receive a 26% tax benefit if your system is installed before 2023.

Post-Consumer Waste Products

Rather than contributing to wasteful paper mills, you can replace your paper products wit post-consumer waste (PCW) products. Although some paper distributors claim they recycle, only operations that produce 100% recycled material should be considered. PCW products are often less expensive than premium items, and they are exclusively manufactured with recycled paper. By reducing your environmental impact, your company will appeal to a growing number of green-minded clients, and hopefully, your efforts may convince your competitors to adopt similar actions.

CFL and LED Lights

The lighting in your business can account for 20-30% of your monthly utility bill. You can convince your employees to conserve power while they’re at the office, but one way to reduce your costs even further is to install compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights. CFLs are less expensive than LEDs, but LEDs are more efficient and have a longer lifespan. LEDs are also 100% recyclable and emit light for up to 100,000 hours. Although your initial investment is more substantial with CFLs or LEDs, you’ll save money since they use less wattage, and your replacement costs are much less because of their longevity.

Energy Audits

Although you could hire a professional to conduct an energy audit of your business, you can save time and money by conducting an audit yourself. All this requires is a thorough examination of your devices, appliances, weather sealing, lighting and heating and cooling system. When everyone has left the office, you can walk around the building and check for air leaks around the windows and doors, faulty appliances in the break room, and electronics that pull power while they’re turned off. You may consider replacing equipment with energy star products that require less power and help reduce your operational costs. And of course, as many companies have recently experienced, encouraging employees to structure their own home office setup will result in substantial money savings.

Green Web Hosting

It’s likely that your operation relies heavily on web hosting, and there are several services to choose from. If you use an eco-friendly provider, you’ll help reduce fossil fuel consumption. Green web hosting firms use renewable energy to power their servers and are committing to reducing their carbon footprint. In the last decade, wind and solar power have increased their dominance in the energy sector, and more web hosting providers have adopted renewable sources to appeal to environmentally conscious business owners. Promote your cooperation with green web hosts in blogs and emails to show your clients your eco-friendly values.

Eco-Friendly Transportation 

Due to technological advances and increased demand, electric vehicles are cheaper and more reliable than gas-powered vehicles. By switching to an electric vehicle plan, you’ll reduce pollution, conserve fossil fuels and save money on fuel and maintenance. To achieve a zero-emissions policy with your transportation system, you can charge company vehicles and employee vehicles with a solar power system. Green practices help companies reduce their environmental impact and save money on operational costs. By making a few modifications in your business plan, you can support the efforts to improve the health of the planet.