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6 Ways to Achieve More Efficient Marketing Meetings


Marketing meetings are essential to thoroughly discuss strategies, goals, and SEO improvement for the betterment of your business. Whether you have a small marketing team or a large one, communication is key for an effective marketing plan, and having that plan move into fruition.

If you’re looking to make your marketing meetings as efficient as possible to achieve these goals, here are 6 ways you can do so.

  • Have Everyone Play a Part

If you have a marketing team where each individual has a certain role, then these meetings are the perfect opportunity to check in. Have each team member explain where they’re up to with a certain marketing goal, whether it’s a new digital strategy, or where a website or webpage is up to in the Google rankings, for example. Communicating progress is key.

  • Use as an Opportunity to Share Ideas

Marketing ideas develop all the time, and having your team together for a meeting is the perfect time to bring up ideas of new strategies, campaigns, or even ideas for blogs and posts on social media. Use the time to collectively work as a group to pinpoint new ideas.

  • Plan Out an Agenda

While all marketing is relevant, there may be significant or bigger campaigns you’re working on at the moment which take precedence. Planning out an agenda will help you to focus on the most important current marketing efforts and work your way down to the less crucial.

  • Use Visual Aids

Whether it’s a short meeting or an extensive one, visual aids can always improve information sharing and memory retention. Having extra features and technology in your meeting by renting a projector from smart.uk.com will help to enhance discussions and display key marketing facts and information so that everyone is working off the same source. This is also extremely helpful if your marketing meeting is going to incorporate training in any way.

  • Be Encouraging

Knowing you’re on the right track with marketing is all about feedback. If you’re a team leader and you know that a particular marketing strategy or effort has gleaned a lot of positive feedback, then say so. If a certain blog or social media post has resulted in improved orders or website hits, then express this positively to the person responsible. This will help everyone to feel more motivated going forward, and understand that they’re on the right track.

  • Plan the Next Meeting

If goals are assigned to your team for marketing efforts, then you need to check in to see how these efforts are improving the reputation and status of your business. This means pinpointing the next meeting time for everyone to aim for. Make it a realistic time frame, however, as a meeting a few days later, for example, may not have gleaned any considerable marketing feedback.


Most efficiency from marketing strategies comes from adequate planning and understanding data and results. This can also be translated to marketing meetings, as goal planning, discussions, and analysis can all play a part in successful meetings.

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