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6 Ways to attract new customers to your business

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As an ambitious entrepreneur, you try to improve your client base and attract new customers who will bring more revenue to your business. You are aware of how hard this actually is due to other players competing on the market and limited resources.

The constant influx of new clients is of great importance and keeps the company running. However, the question is how to attract new customers with a limited budget? Every small-business owner deals with the same problem and is focused on developing creative ways for increasing its client base. Here are a few tips that will help entrepreneurs to find and retain customers so their business can begin to grow.

  1. Narrow Down Your Target

It is too expensive to waste time, money and energy reaching out to individuals who are not interested in what your company offers. To avoid this, you must learn about the customers as much as you can. Begin by answering these questions:

  •        Who your customers actually are?
  •        Why they buy your products and services?
  •        Where are they located?
  •        How often they purchase from you?
  •        What are their buying habits? etc.

Getting these answers helps in identifying the target market and avoiding wasting time on people who have no interest in your products and services. The ROI (Return on investment) will be higher if the market is correctly targeted.

  1. Utilize Benefits of Online Marketing

What to do once you have a target market determined? Promote, of course. With all the advantages of online promotion, you can easily reach out to new customers. First of all, get your website optimized for search engines. That way people who look for certain keywords can easily find your web page. Furthermore, invest in AdWords campaign and use the potential of social media. Social networks have brought targeting on a completely new level. Attracting new customers is easier than ever thanks to complex algorithms Facebook and Instagram use.

  1. Improve Your Customer Service

To attract new customers to your business you need to work on your impression and keep a good image in public. Providing strong customer service is one of the ways. A potential customer reaches out to you by phone, email or on social media. They usually have a question about your products and are only of step away from making a purchase. That is your chance to win these potential customers and turn them into the clients. Reply to them as soon as possible and in a polite manner. You can even offer a discount for the product they are interested in and increase the chances of selling.

  1. Adapt to Foreign Customers

Selling products abroad? Adapting to audiences from other countries is essential for making success in foreign markets. Learn about the culture and what are dos and don’ts. You don’t want to make a mistake and non-deliberately offend someone.

Make sure your ads are in the local language and offer a multilingual website. Don’t speak the language? Don’t worry there are plenty of online services you could use. The Word Point, for example, offers website translation and other localization services. Speak the language your customers speak. Figuratively and literally.

  1. Share the Knowledge You Have

Sharing pieces of knowledge to your customers is a secret no one has told yet. Do you run a pastry shop – teach them how to make that delicious chocolate croissant everybody likes? Working as a gym instructor – share a couple of videos on YouTube on how to lose weight. It may sound ridiculous to spread your knowledge for free, but it works. Not only this serves as a promotion, but people will see you as an expert in your field of work. Your company will be the first that comes to their mind when they look for what you offer.

  1. Get Involved in Community Activities

Sponsoring different community activities is a great way to promote your company and meet people in person. People should have a positive feeling when seeing your ad, thus this is one of the ways to improve your image. Not only your reputation will grow, but you can come in direct contact with people and offer them your products and service for testing.

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