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6 Ways to Boost Your Business Profile in Your Community

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Many startup businesses begin on a local level and expand from there, but before an entrepreneur can conquer the world, they need to test their mettle. If a business model is successful within a small community, it can then be expanded and applied to a wider area. However, to ensure success locally, startup businesses need to make a mark in their local area. To do this, small business owners need to raise the profile to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. While this can seem a huge task at first, with some hard work and creativity, it is possible. Here are six ways to boost your business profile in your local community.

  • Open communication with local media

Sometimes it can be difficult to secure media coverage for your business, especially if you do not have much money to spend on advertising. To increase the likelihood that you will appear on local media such as in newspapers, local radio, and news websites, establish relationships with local journalists. When you are launching a new product or running an event, contact local journalists to let them know. Even better, send them a press release with all the relevant information to make it as easy as possible for them to cover it.

  • Ensure you have eye-catching signage

You should have eye-catching signage outside your premises that tells everyone who drives or walks past what your business does. In addition, you might want to add signage to a business vehicle so you can raise your profile simply by driving around.

  • Use local contractors and suppliers

If you need to buy materials or use the services of other companies, it is wise to shop locally. You will establish a relationship with other business people in the area who may be able to recommend you to their customers and show that you are invested in supporting the local economy.

  • Partner with a local charity

There are several reasons to support a local charity, the main one obviously being that you will be helping a good cause in your community. In addition, getting involved in the community, running fundraising events or challenges, and helping to publicize the charity’s activities will simultaneously make your business more visible. Ideally, the charity should be related to your business in some way, e.g., a heating engineer could support a fuel poverty charity, or a dog groomer could help a local animal rescue center.

  • Run an event for local businesses

You should be out there networking with other local business people and exhibiting at events, but an even better way to boost your profile is to organize an event yourself. You could organize a regular networking event for other small businesses, displaying your branding throughout conference venues Adelaide, or a one-off event such as a fundraising ball for a local charity. Either way, you will be helping others in the community and boosting your profile at the same time.

  • Offer internships or work experience placements

It is usually the case that businesses hire people from the local area, but you should also consider offering internships and work experience placements to young people. This will help the young people themselves and show that you are invested in your community’s future. Contact local schools and colleges to register as a potential partner.

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