6 Ways to Engage Visitors Via Digital Signage in a Hotel


No industry has been left untouched by the advancement of technology. The same is the case with the hospitality industry as it is undergoing tremendous change for quite a few years.

The result of this digital transformation is Digital Signage which is considered to be the best way to inform, engage & entertain guests.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a display technology such as LED, Projection, etc. that can be found anywhere including public places, airports, stadiums, retails stores, hotels, and more.

The content on this display screen can be in the form of images, videos, live streaming, etc. While the benefits of installing a digital signage network are as follows;

      Boost brand awareness


      Build trust & loyalty

      Increase sales

      Amplify audience engagement etc.

Why Hotels Should Use Digital Signage?

Offering many benefits for both hotels and guests, digital signages are making their own space in the hotel industry.

For example, digital signages enhance the overall guest experience drives engagement, build better guests-brand relationships, and more.

Whether the guests are staying for a night or a week, hotels should make efforts to provide content-rich experience from the moment they walk in the lobby.

In a nutshell, hotels have understood the importance of integrating communications strategy like Digital Signage to create a dynamic system.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the ways through which hotels can integrate digital signage.

6 Ways to Integrate Digital Signage in Hotels


We have curated a list of 6 digital signages in hotel industry to focus on the better guest experience on priority.

1. Social Media Signage

Leave your guests in awe of your property by making an impactful impression on them. But how?

You can display multiple social media signage screens in the hotel lobby. With the help of social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, hotels can collect, curate & display real-time UGC in a single feed from various social media platforms.

This single-feed is called a ‘Social Wall’ can be customized & moderated, so it is comprised of vibrant images & videos showcasing the past experiences of your guests.

So, as soon as your guests will walk through the entrance, they will experience these attractive & engaging social media signages.

Via social media signages, hotels can boost engagement, therefore building healthy user-brand relationships.

2. Customized Virtual Concierge

A personalized virtual concierge is one of the most interactive ways to provide an authentic experience to the guests.

For instance, guests always feel curious to know about the local attractions, upcoming events, best restaurants, etc. near their hotel.

And if your guests want to make reservations for a spa or restaurant, then they can create their own itineraries using the virtual concierge to make their trip a memorable one.

Taking advantage of this factor, hotels can display a mix of broad digital screens to display such recommendations like nightlife activities, best places to shop, family sightseeing actives tec. Via digital signage in hotels help guests explore the local area on their own.

Along with that, the hotel authorities can display the information regarding the basic amenities provided by them on the display screen. This is how hotels can bring more efficiency to their daily operations.

3. Wayfinding Signage

Walking to unfamiliar places can be problematic for guests, especially when they are traveling to a new city or a new country. So, how can the hotel industry offer solution for this?

The answer is Wayfinding Signage which is an effective digital signage solution that is more than just showing directions.

Not just hotels, but this type of signage can be placed throughout the airport, campus, or in any other highly trafficked spaces.

This type of signage not only improve the overall experience of the guests/visitors but also save their time & reduce stress, etc.

4. User-Review Signage

Over the years, online reviews have become a mandatory part of almost every industry, especially the hospitality sector.

Before making a reservation for a hotel room, guests go through the online reviews about the property. As these reviews are in the form of user-generated content, the visitors find it more convenient to trust them.

You can again take help from social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. This content aggregator tool display reviews in real-time, so the guests can be engaged and also feel encouraged to leave reviews for their place of stay.

5. Digital Menu Boards

You must have experienced digital menu boards in restaurants, cafes, or eateries.

Hotels can also utilize the display of digital menu boards displaying images, food item descriptions, slideshows, etc. to increase sales, show discounts & promotions, etc.

6. Emergency Alerts Signage

Hotels should stay ready for even the worst, which is why placing digital signages showcasing emergency messaging throughout the hotel campus is a must.

These digital signages will quickly send notifications to guests telling them how to respond to an emergency situation.


Digital signage is the new form of communication and if want to integrate it in your hotel then the aforementioned 6 ways can be quite useful for you.

Along with this, there’s are innumerable social media aggregators tools or digital signage solutions that can help you create beautiful digital signage.

But make sure you have a fully integrated plan where your content, processes, and people are aligned.