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6 Ways To Use Technology To Improve CRM

Sales operations are an important part of every business. When you are a very small brand with only a few people on the team, you can operate relatively loosely. However, as you start you grow, it quickly becomes important to make your customer relationship management more organized. The right technology and data can help with this.

Drive Marketing Insights

Capturing data from your sales process into one of the best CRM for small business will help you to make well-informed decisions about your marketing pipelines. All the marketing inspiration in the world is worth less than hard data showing exactly what is and isn’t working. Your sales process should inform your marketing and vice versa.

As you keep track of your customers, their sales histories and their preferences, you can collect very valuable marketing data. This is easiest to achieve with great CRM technology.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Mining your CRM data can also help you to improve your sales. One of the key challenges of sales is ensuring that you are delivering the right message at the right time for each customer. Tracking your success in your pipeline will help you to improve your sales results.

You can also learn which methods of contact tend to work the best. For example, you may learn that a particular group of customers prefers to speak on the phone whereas another group likes emails. Salespeople likely have some intuition about this already. However, using your CRM data will let you back those assumptions with facts.

Organize Better Around the Real Sales Funnel

As you explore your CRM data, you can also learn more about your sales funnel. Rather than working from general models, you can begin to understand what that pipeline looks like for your specific brand.

For example, you may learn that the evaluation stage is very long and can be broken out into distinct sub-stages. You may also learn that many obstacles are overcome before you even begin talking to customers.

Modeling your sales process will help you to make good decisions about your sales team. This can lead to serious results.

Understand Lead Drop Off

Lead drop-off is a very important part of sales that many people don’t want to talk about. It is the rate at which leads stop responding and interacting with the sales team. Naturally, you will never achieve a perfect conversion rate between any two stages of the sales funnel. However, you can identify where your weak points are using CRM technology.

You may find that you are not responding to customers quickly enough or that you are reaching them with the wrong messages, leading to a drop-off. There are many insights that can be gleaned by examining when and why people stop being interested.

Keep Sales Process Organized

Furthermore, having the right CRM tool will help you keep your sales process more organized. You will be able to keep track of every customer and ensure that his or her information is always up to date.

When you have a lot of leads reaching your sales team, it is easy for some to slip through the cracks. The right technology and a good process will ensure that you are always on top of your sales operations. This is significantly easier with a well-supported and effective CRM tool.

Always Have Timely Information

Your sales team needs to access customer files in a timely manner to be able to sell effectively. For example, someone may need to pull up the details on a prospective customer’s decision-makers before arriving for a sales pitch. Finding this information at the right time is a must-have capability for your team members.

Again, good technology can make this happen. For example, you want a CRM that has a mobile application. Effective tools make it easier than ever for your salespeople to deliver results.

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The above six benefits of good CRM technology and data can help you to improve your customer relationships and deliver more sales. For any business, bringing in more sales is always a good thing. So, investing in better CRM data and technology is worthwhile in almost every case.

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