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6 Ways Your Company Can Protect Your Employees

If you are a business owner, you are likely facing some of the toughest times you have ever experienced. From the sudden shift to a remote workforce to trying to keep those employees who are still in the workplace safe, it is a daily struggle that sometimes seems impossible. If you are overwhelmed by running a company during these challenging times, here are some simple things that you can do to keep your employees safe from COVID-19 and more.


Have Good Compensation Policies

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the total number of injuries per 100 full-time workers was 2.8 in 2019. This means that depending upon the number of employees that you have, your chances of dealing with a work-related injury could be quite high. Ensure that you have solid policies in place regarding compensation should the employee require time off of work, and also regarding compensation for medical bills. Even if your injured employee decides to hire a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to help them through the process, they should have no trouble getting what they are owed from your company.


Keep a Clean Workspace

During the pandemic, it is especially important to keep the workplace clean and free of germs. If possible, ensure that each employee has access to their own hand sanitizer, and keep common areas like kitchens and bathrooms stocked with essential cleaning supplies, such as sanitizer and soap, as well. Hang signs throughout the office encouraging staff to wash their hands and cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. This may seem unnecessary, but sometimes simple little things like this slip even the most intelligent person's mind, so reminders here and there will not hurt anyone.


Enforce Cybersecurity Policies

Data breaches cost enterprises an average of $3.92 million. Even if you think that your digital data is secure, it is a good idea to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to their data security. Enforce strong password policies, and encourage people not to reuse the same password in multiple places or to create passwords that are easily guessable. Install malware-detecting software on every computer and put someone in charge of keeping it updated. Old, outdated software may do some good, but unless you are regularly applying patches and updates, some viruses can easily slip through. Have a meeting (virtual if necessary) to walk everyone through the steps that are being taken to keep your sensitive data safe and to explain why it is so important that everyone complies.


Protect Personal Employee Information

Your HR department has access to and manages some of the most sensitive information in the company—employee's personal data. While you are encouraging employees to be wise about cybersecurity, ensure that these same safeguards are in place in the HR department. Be sure that hardcopies of documents are stored in a cabinet that locks and is too heavy for someone to walk off with. Encrypt any server containing personal information and do not skimp on security software. Even if the best options seem pricey, remember that you really can't put a price on data safety and protect your company from any harm.


Hire a Cleaning Service

Encouraging clean and healthy habits around the office is a great start, but you should also have someone in place to deep clean and sanitize the workplace regularly. A professional cleaning company will have access to supplies and products that your employees do not, and will also be able to clean hard-to-reach and typically forgotten areas. Most importantly, the knowledge that a professional is performing cleaning after hours will make some employees feel more comfortable and much more willing to do their jobs in the office instead of remotely. Spending the money to have your workspace cleaned proves to your employees that you care about them and their health.


Be Willing to Listen

During these strange times, it is especially important to make yourself visible to your employees and let them know that you are willing to listen to their fears and concerns. If you are in a C-level or leadership position, this may be completely out of character for you, but it is a great way to show the people who work for you that you value and appreciate the time they spend performing their jobs. If someone is brave enough to voice a concern to you, listen objectively and let them know that it is okay to do so, even if you may not agree with their grievance. You never know how a simple conversation can completely change an employee's perspective and productivity level for the better.


Protecting your employees and ensuring that they feel safe is increasingly important during the pandemic. Follow these simple steps and you'll have a workplace full of healthy and happy people.

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