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7 Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing to the Philippines

Business process outsourcing is popularly known as BPO. This BPO system allows delegation of some business processes that are IT intensive, to an external provider. The external provider remains as the owner, administrator and manager of these selected business processes. This process is based on previously defined and measurable performance parameters.   

BPO Philippines, a lucrative business proposal 

There are many lucrative reasons that make business organisations shift their business processes to the Philippines. This country is known for its beautiful beaches that attract tourists from all over the world and it has made it one of the top 10 countries in the world’s best islands. The Philippines is the ideal place for companies looking for offshore outsourcing, instead of keeping their businesses onshore. It is also applicable for any other outsourcing destination. 

The various benefits of Business Processing Outsourcing to the Philippines are: 

  1. Compatible Cultural Background  

The Philippines is a place that provides a very compatible cultural background to the business. An outsourcing business project can become successful only when there is effective communication between the staff and the customers. The local employees here possess excellent language skills and are sensitive to the local cultures they interact with. These make the Philippines an outstanding outsourcing destination. 

  1. Low Business Cost

The cost of doing business is critical for the net profitability of the business. Outsourcing a business to a destination is always driven by the factor of lower cost of doing business in that destination. Philippines outsourcing promises a profitable option, as the lower cost of labour, infrastructure, professional services, office supplies, food and lodging here are very lucrative and profitable options for the business organisations to outsource their business processes to the Philippines. It costs much less in the healthcare services in the Philippines and the taxes are also much lower than most other countries. 

  1. High level of education and skill

The Philippines now has about 3 million new graduates from world class high education systems,  entering the job market every year. Manila is a place with a robust professional certification system. It also has a continuing education system. The business companies can easily find highly educated and skilled staff with any specifications in the Philippines.

  1. Philippines is a stable and growing economy

The Philippines is a positively developing country that is growing steadily over the years. This country has shown commendable economic growth in the recent past because of its various industries. This provides a stable platform for outsourcing a business there for the business companies. 

  1. Philippines provides options for captive centres and third-party outsourcing 

These are the main delivery models of business process outsourcing in the Philippines. The most common model is third party outsourcing there. It also has captive centres and hybrid offshoring models. Business organisations are now opting for a hybrid outsourcing approach. Non-core work can easily be spread to multiple vendors here to reduce risks. 

  1. Much reduced legal liabilities and managerial problems in Philippines 

The Philippines helps to avoid such troubles for the companies. The outsourcing companies remain legally very strong, and they keep the relation between customer and client perfect. They have a strong HR team to manage things. They can focus on their businesses easily here. 

  1. Philippines provide extreme data privacy and security 

The Philippines government is extremely strict in ensuring the safety and security of the BPO industry in the Philippines. The data privacy act was passed by the Philippines government in 2012 to ensure data security and privacy up to international standards. It protects the data from all unauthorised access. 

BPO providers are marking the Philippines as one of the most sought-after offshore business outsourcing destinations for all such favourable business factors. BPO Philippines is now the ultimate word in the BPO industry. 


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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