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7 Benefits of Using a Labour Hire Service

Not every organisation has stable staffing requirements and, only a select few have the luxury of being able to employ enough full-time staff to meet their production goals. 

Savvier businesses have long turned to labour hire services to meet these common staffing problems. Many modern organizations, including several key ones in Western Australia, would be unable to operate without these companies providing an array of different staffing and labour solutions.

Here are just seven benefits to using a labour hire service:

1. The organisation can quickly recover from unforeseen events

Unexpected employee turnover, accidents, and other unusual events can leave an enterprise understaffed and struggling to meet their goals. Losing key employees can be particularly devastating and prevent you from doing business as usual.

While once focused on providing seasonal unskilled labour, labour hire services in Western Australia now tap into a very wide and sophisticated pool of skilled workers. There are now options for virtually any position you need, ensuring that your business can continue running regardless of the circumstances.

2. Temp workers can bring a wide array of experiences to the business

Labour hire workers are often multiskilled, with experience in different areas and industries. This can make them especially valuable to new organizations as well as in businesses where a high degree of cross-discipline competence is needed.

3. You can focus on developing your permanent hires

Performance inevitably suffers if your employees have to meet regular production goals while simultaneously training for new processes, techniques, and technologies. With a labour hire service, you can compensate for the drop in regular production with temp workers while your permanent employees focus on developing their skills. This can be especially handy if employees need to be sent to a different part of the country or overseas to complete their certification.

4. Your permanent employees can focus on their strengths

In smaller businesses, it’s not uncommon for highly specialised employees to have to do more than they signed up for. This can result in their talents being underutilised. It’s ultimately unfair to them and can potentially result in employee turnover. In these cases, it may make more sense to have labour hire services take on less specialised tasks so that your skilled employees can provide better value to the organisation.

5. You can streamline your payroll expenses

Many types of businesses experience strong seasonal demand, which means that they may need a lot of workers at key times of the year, but not in most other times. Mines, for instance, need a significant but temporary boost in labour during shutdowns and most arms need more workers during harvest. Most other times of the year, it would be impractical to have that many workers, due to their cost. If your business experiences these types of situations, you may want to look into labour hire solutions.

6. They can prevent critical employee turnover

Labour shortfalls can lead to a domino effect where the remaining workers need to work harder to pick up the slack. This, in turn, increases the chances that the remaining employees will also leave. By using labour hire services, you can quickly address this issue before it becomes worse.

7. They provide access to special skills on demand

A few labour hire services such as Skill Hire in Western Australia and South Australia can provide workers for highly technical positions. This can be especially useful if you only need these services intermittently, rather than full time.


Labour hire companies today offer an array of services that provide value to organisations of all sizes. While they were primarily a source of unskilled or generalised labour in the past, today they can also provide highly technical skilled labour, making them even more valuable to a wider variety of companies.

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