7 Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business


Instagram, introduced as a virtual sharing app in the year 2010, acquires active 1 billion monthly users and over 800 million users daily now. Hence, one cannot deny the fact of its progression since its origination. 

The undeniable fact has grabbed the attention of business owners, and the owners tend to react more to this rapidly growing platform by spending more money on instagram marketing services to buy active instagram followers. If you list the top 100 brands of the planet, 90 percent of owners attain an Instagram account.

However, Instagram is still a new platform that updates now and then. Therefore, a possibility suggests that you might have missed some of its benefits.

Seven benefits of Instagram for your business:

The advantages of Instagram that deliver a helping hand to your business, are stated as follows:

  1. Vast connection with users: 

It is an undeniable fact that in the present day, Instagram has an enormous number of active users. According to the individuals on Instagram, their active presence on the social app brings up to 800 million users. 

With a vast number of followers, your business will catch eyeballs, and there is no limit to the success of your business can reach, with a dedicated strategy of content optimization. If you want to know more about how to make money on Instagram, you can find relevant information on Conexa.


  1. High engagement rates:

Research in 2016 stated that users liked 4.2 billion posts per day. A publish that acquires one hashtag only received engagement of 12.6 percent more than a post with no hashtag.

The above fact is enough reason for your business to join Instagram. Furthermore, in recent years, the engagement of Facebook has dropped as low as 2-3 %, and marketers are disappointed by it. Also, business owners opt for paid advertising features only to turn up in front of their followers. Therefore, business owners are electing Instagram, which is a proven marketing engagement these days.

  1. Visual content:

The buyers usually never go through a description of the products; they often check prices and add them up to their cart. Unlike most of the popular social media apps which insist on texts and links, Instagram functions for photo and video posts exclusively.

Photos give you a chance to highlight products, whereas videos are a great way to depict your services. Moreover, you can also use the platform to show company culture and other aspects of your business, but make sure your post acquires SEO optimized content.

  1. Tracking ability:

Sales and leads are traceable through Instagram Ads you can observe ROI. The benefit is a noticeable feature, but you would be surprised to see that several business owners aren't aware of it. Another surprising fact is that a vast number of companies invest in platforms like these without gauging the effectiveness of it.

Since Instagram uses the same Ad manager as Facebook, it acquires all the capabilities that Facebook has.


  1. Features for business profiles:

Like Facebook, Instagram to differentiate accounts by personnel and business account. If you unlock your business account, a checklist of features for your business profile will portray. The features include call to action button for page visitors, access to account insight, facility to promote your post with ad dollars, etc.


  1. The quality building of brand:

Instagram attains all the features of Facebook, but one of the highlights Facebook doesn’t acquire is organic functionality. Organic functions refer to actions performed or achieving optimized results without offering any amount directly.

The attribute allows business owners to develop a relationship with followers in a natural way, as compared to forcing a connection with paid ads. When a user follows your brand, they are making an active decision to see your post on their newsfeed. Such an act depicts strong, initial interest on their part and content optimization, and now you can continue to build a relationship from there. 


  1. Understand your customer target:

A business owner should have this knowledge about their customer's interests. But, if you don't have it, there's always room to learn about your target market.

A target market comprises people who show a list of contents like and unlike by users. Observe the type of content that attracts the user, and create SEO optimized content to target your followers.

The network of Instagram benefits goes beyond these leads. Hence, when you go through these, discover it, and let us know your experience.

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