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7 Benefits of Using Poly Water Tanks Over Steel Tanks

When searching for water tanks, steel has always been the first material choice. However, they do have their limitations, which is why people are investing in polyethylene water tanks!

But what makes poly water tanks better than steel? Read on to find out or Invest in a high-quality poly tank today from reputable businesses like the Sunshine Coast Water Tank Company!

1.      Strength and Durability

Polyethylene water tanks are known to last for over 20 years without challenges in maintenance and repair. This is because these tanks can survive the sun’s UV rays, thanks to UV-stabilizers from the resin molding mix.

Similar to how chromium is added to steel to protect the tank from decaying, UV-stabilizers integrated to the polymer blend will defend the material from decaying and becoming fragile.

Compared to stainless steel tanks, you will need to maintain steel, keeping them dirt-free using freshwater and cloth. You can’t use solvent on them, as they produce corrosion. Plus, people have complained about their stainless steel tanks beginning to seep pithing just a year because of broken welds from poor handling and manufacturing.

Also, poly water tanks are more durable than steel tanks as they are less inclined to rust over time and require replacement. Again, that’s thanks to the UV-stabilizers that protect the tank from sunlight degradation. In the meantime, steel tanks tend to rust easy, requiring more care and maintenance!

With a polyethylene plastic tank, you get a one-piece seamless structure. It would expand and contract for long-term water storage with very minimal chance of weakening and falling apart over time.

2.      Great Maintenance and Repair

Poly tanks don’t take much to maintain. It uses a flexible and easy-to-install pile with extra holes, which is positioned in the tank and attached to the overflow. So each time the tank is filled with water, any accumulated particles from the bottom of the tank will be sucked to the tube and discharged out of your tank.

Besides this, if the tank will go through some troubles such as punctures, it’s very easy to repair. It won’t get permanently damaged and you can fix it on your own or for a low price.

3.      Water Quality

Think of it: When you drink water from a stainless steel tank, it tastes a bit odd. It may be because steel tank screws and rivets might oxidize, contaminating drinking water. The galvanized zinc wall isn’t a huge health risk, but it will affect the taste of your drinking water and may even have traced of lead!

With poly tanks that are made from US FDA food-grade polyethylene resin, you only get lead-free and better quality water. They are completely safe and without any odd aftertaste when drinking it.

4.      Ease of Installment and Positioning

All tanks will require a foundation that minimizes rainwater erosion. Steel tanks require more complex foundations to support their structure. Because poly tanks are lighter and more durable, they are easier to install.

Besides this, poly tanks are easier to position, as you will need to prepare more for steel tanks. You need to buy and install expensive steel rings, as well as a concrete base to prevent the steel from rusting.

With a poly tank, you can place it on any flat ground as long as there isn’t anything sharp. You can even position it underground so it won’t be seen or take a lot of space. And if you’ll need to move it, it’s effortless to relocate the tank!

5.      Lighter Weight

Steel tanks tend to weigh a lot more compare to poly tanks, needing a crane to move them to your home and where it should be installed.

With poly tanks, are lighter and you can move it into a position on your own (with help, of course!). This is advantageous especially when living in hilly or rough terrains in near your home, so there’s no issue with using cranes.

6.      More Variety and Blends In Landscape

If you’re thinking about attractiveness, poly water tanks are an advantage. They come in various colors, helping the water tank blend into your landscape or environment. You can use them for both rural and urban areas, either standing out or blending to the house.

Besides this, there is a wider variety of shapes and sizes. Steel tanks will only come circular and have a coned roof, changing in diameter but with the same shape all throughout. With poly tanks, you can choose rounded or slimline shapes, different colors, and various sizes.

You can find a poly water tank that suits your individual needs!

7.      Lower Costs

Poly tanks are generally cheaper in many ways. Not only are they slightly cheaper than steel tanks during the initial investment, but in the long-term.

For starters, you already save up during installation. No need to hire a driver and crane to move the tank to your area or to spend a lot on installation. Poly tanks can be installed on your own and with one plumber rather than use a crane, driver, and other professionals.

You also get to save on care and repair, as poly tanks are low-maintenance and easy to repair if there are any punctures. You won’t need to worry about replacing it for years to come, compared to steel tanks that deteriorate quicker, making it more expensive to invest in.

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