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7 Best Construction Careers For Young Professionals

The construction field is massive. The subcontractor isn’t the only one who is working night and day to make every project successful. It is the work of an entire team of diverse professionals who take care of specific tasks. As such, the realm of construction involves several people from various backgrounds. 

Today, construction is quickly becoming more popular for its exceptional salary opportunities and reasonable job requirements. That is why more young professionals have now started showing a growing interest in the industry. If you are also one of them, this article is for you. Wondering how to start a career in construction? Read on to learn more about the Best construction careers for young professionals. 

Career Opportunities in Construction

  1. Electrician 

Electricians are responsible for repairing, handling, and installing any item that is built on electrical power. It may involve an air conditioner, fan, refrigerator, and so much more. 

As a result, they need to be equipped with several tools to ensure safety every step of the way. They can work for both commercial and residential properties that allow them to charge fees accordingly. 

An electrician may be able to earn nearly $55,190 per year. But it would help if you also remembered that you might have to deal with several electrical accidents at once as an electrician. So, you have to be relatively safe and well-equipped at all times. You may also have to work some extra hours to get your job done right. 

  1. Plumber 

Typically, people think of plumbers as tradespeople who fix leaky pipes. While that is quite an integral part of their jobs, plumbers are not just responsible for that. Their jobs may also involve maintaining, installing, and fixing those pipelines. They may also inspect for any drainage problems, leakage concerns, and other types of pipe-related hassles to help us have a safe experience using them. Generally, a plumber earns nearly 53,910 per year. In the U.S., plumbers are among some of the highest-paid jobs. You won’t necessarily be asked for a college degree to become a plumber, however, it’s an asset to have one. 

  1. Carpenter 

The job of a carpenter is also quite diverse. They are responsible for building cabinets, constructing cement footings, and so much more. Carpenters may also take up the duty of installing your kitchen cabinets in need. Although most people think that the job of a carpenter is easy, it takes a lot more than just hammering a nail into the wood. You also need to have sufficient knowledge of geometry to craft out suitable designs as per the demands. Generally, these people earn $46,590 per year. But the salary may differ depending on the person’s skills and how long they have been in the trade. 

An apprenticeship is necessary to become a carpenter. However, if you do not have one, you must have an OSHA10- and 30-hour safety training card for the best experience. 

  1. Elevator Installer 

Elevators are an essential part of many commercial and residential properties. They make it easier and highly convenient for people to travel from one floor to another without making their legs ache. But these heavy machines need to be installed carefully. This is the time when elevator installers can come in handy for all the right reasons. These people can help build and install these heavy machines without causing any accidents. But such a job requires a considerable amount of knowledge. These people may even repair the elevators when they are not working correctly. So, you can call upon them whenever you face any elevator inconvenience. These people earn nearly $79,780 per year. There is a 4-year program that trains you about elevators. Those 18 years old and have skills in this program can instantly take up this job. 

  1. Sheet Metal Worker 

Products made of sheet metal are used in many parts of residential and commercial properties. People who install and maintain sheet metal are known as sheet metal workers. 

These workers may work on roofs, walls, rails, signs, and other parts of a building. That is why they earn an average salary of nearly $48 460. These people need a sufficient high school diploma and a four-year apprenticeship. 

  1. Equipment Operator 

A trained person to deal with high-end operators is crucial. These people know how to deal with these operators safely and successfully. As a result, they can help prevent any hassle you are ever likely to face. That is why equipment operators earn nearly $46 990. 

For this type of job, people need to have training and certification, which varies depending on the state in which they are located and the equipment they are operating. Today, these people are in high demand as even automated equipment requires proper installation and maintenance. 

  1. Mason 

Masonry work involves many materials, like brick and natural stone. They may help create several vital pathways and structural perfections for your home. These people may earn a good income of $44,810. But the salary may also depend upon other factors like the amount of masonry work carried out. If you have an apprenticeship along with a certification in this field, you are all set to become a well-earning mason. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some of the most well-known construction careers available for you to pick from. Please make sure you go through them all over again to choose nothing but the best for yourself before you begin building a career in construction. 

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