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7 best job Profiles you may choose to make a career in Philippines

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Forming a career in Philippines is a great choice. As the country stands to be the 10th fastest economy of Asia, which means that Philippines can help to build a great career path for natives, foreigners as well as expats. The major upside of making a career in Philippines is the nationwide use of English as language, professional from other countries find it very convenient to begin a career in This country due to clear communication.

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Philippines is been capturing a huge BPO market and hence most MNC’s worldwide have invested in the country. Being the second largest BPO service provider the country has made a huge job opportunity in sectors like IT, Electronics, Engineering, Manufacturing, Mining & quarrying, Construction and water supply. In order to make a stronger GDP the country has formed great opportunities for service class, as every year Philippines comes up great jobs for the right candidates.

Although, there are great opportunities for the right skill but the candidate should step in any career after evaluating all the pros and cons and keeping this in mind let us take a look on the 7 high demand jobs in Philippines:

Data Scientist:

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Data science is a multidisciplinary field that uses a combination of methods to extract information and insight from both structured and unstructured data. Data Scientists makes a relevant set of data and manages it to help company to make better and informed decisions. This is a specialized role in the company.

Back End Developer:

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The primary job of a backend developer is to code for a website. He makes sure that that all the front-end elements on a website have functionality.

Full Stack Developer:

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This job is of a great importance; a full stack developer is needed by most organizations in Philippines as this professional can handle variety of coding needs of a company i.e. both backend and frontend development.

Business Development Executive: Business development Executive is a great profession in Philippines. Every organization needs specialists to maintain their clients and to be of prime benefit to manage great relations. These professionals manage leads for the organization and hence are paid great salaries for the requisite work.

Marketing Communication Specialist: Marketing Communication specialists helps a company to manage their position and manage their target audience. This role helps in companies brand management and identity creation. Hence, this is again one of the most demanded job roles in Philippines.

Recruitment Specialist:

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Recruitment in Philippines is a great work as most companies require great recruitment executive who can handle the process well and are able to work on the automated recruitment system.

Accounts personnel: Accounting is an art demanded in every corner of the world and in Philippines it is no different. Accounting personnel are in great demand in Philippines and most companies hire right candidates at great packages.

These are the seven great job profiles to form a career in Philippines. The country has a huge job market and most people who come here in search of jobs, often find the right jobs if they have the right skills. So, if you wish to form a career in Philippines, you can look for job opportunities in the 7 most demanded job areas stated above and can form a great career in Philippines.

Rember Point:

  • Always do some good research about finding jobs in your particular field. 
  • Make your updated resume. Put all relevant information in it.
  • Make your positive tips for the interview.
  • Don't panic, be cool.
  • Always confident, not over-confident.
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