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7 Best Practices for Medical Device Translation

The medical device translation industry is one of the top industries of healthcare. Developed countries spend lots of money on research and development in this industry to improve the quality of human life and to save them from lethal disease. Therefore, they come up with new innovative medical devices frequently. The size of this industry is expected to increase by US$ 671.49 billion by 2027. In this globalized world, medical devices are developed in one country and are used by multiple countries to treat humanity. Here, the question arises of how the other countries that speak different languages can take leverage from these devices. The answer is because of medical device translation.

This translation service is very sensitive and follows strict regulations. For instance, the FDA, a department of food and drug administration that is led by the centers for devices and radiological health, follows medical device safety regulations which are very strict. Therefore, if you want to sell your devices to other countries, then it is very important to follow regulatory approval processes. Each country in the world has its own distinct rules and regulations. You can follow these rules if they are provided to you in the language that you understand. So what to do. Hire a professional translation company.

What are the Best Practices for Medical Device Translation?

Medical device translation is very complex. There is no room for error in medical device translation because it deals with human life. In case of inaccurate translations, medical doctors cannot be able to use the device efficiently and if they are competent enough to use it. It will result in the wrong diagnosis that will lead to human demise. So let’s save human life and look at best practices for medical device translation

Understanding the Documents that Need translation for Medical Devices

You have developed a medical device, and you want poor developing countries to take leverage from them. For this, you must provide them with medical device translation in form of different documents like

·   Manuals for Physicians.

·   Regulatory approval documents.

·   Medical software localization.

·   Manual for how to use the medical device.

·   Brochure guiding about medical device.

·   Training material for medical staff.

·   Product labeling and inserts.

Understanding the Types of Translation

You must determine the types of documents that you want to translate before going for medical device translation. After that, look for the languages in which you want to translate the documents. Check whether you want a technical translation, back translation, or certified translation for your documents. All this information will assist you in getting precise and accurate translation on the first attempt and on time. Moreover, by organizing the documents, you don’t have to rework them. Thus, it will save you money and time.

Start Using Translation Memory

For using the medical devices properly, you must require manuals that can guide you on how to use this device. With any technological change in the device, you require instructions to use frequently. Thus, to translate the same content again and again and with some changes, you must hire a professional translation company. One of the advantages of these companies is that they use translation memory.

Do you know what translation memory is? It is a file that saves your content in memory. In this way, you don’t have to translate the content, again and again, instead, you can easily use the content which is already translated. Before hiring the translation company, make sure that the translation company you are going for is using a form of TM called TMX format.

First Translate the Device Interface

You have a medical device, and you are thinking about where to start the translation. To make your translation work systemic, first, translate the user interface, and save it in a translation memory. When the user interface translation is done and approved, then start translating the user manual. This will keep consistency throughout the translation of your documents. Moreover, it is recommended to take a screenshot of the user interface, it will give you great assistance when you start translating the user manual.

Keep Updated with International Medical Device Translation Requirements

It is very important to keep yourself updated with medical device translation requirements for the region you are translating for. The medical device industry is enormous. The rules and regulations for medical equipment keep on altering because of new technological inventions and due to rules by local and global regulatory authorities. To get aware of all this information, you should hire a reliable translation company. They have extensive knowledge of how to abide by medical device regulations of different regions.

Understanding of International Symbols

There are some parts in each medical device that you must use with caution. Otherwise, the operator of the device and patients can suffer from dangerous consequences that can affect their lives. These parts are shown with some symbols that are globally recognized. So it is very important to recognize and translate these symbols while translating the user manual. For a better understanding of these symbols, you can also check the official websites of medical authorities.

Use an Appropriate Design

The medical device manufacturing companies that want to tap into foreign markets are translating medical device documents into 20 languages. After translating the user manual, they publish the medical device information in a single publication. Publishing the information in a single document becomes confusing. What to do. For this, you can take the assistance of a designer.

They will help to adjust the information in multiple languages easily. Moreover, you must hire a translation company that can translate the medical device information into multiple languages, and then integrate it into user manuals. Information regarding the assembling of the medical equipment and information regarding its maintenance is editable. The designer will help to edit the information and adjust the required space easily.

Wrapping Up

To get an accurate translation in the medical field is very important. Otherwise, it will result in legal threats and human death. You can face legal threats if you are unable to follow the regulations of the country into which you are tapping. The solution to all these problems is to hire a professional translation company. They follow the best practices for medical device translation and provide you with seamless medical device translations.

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