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7 best productive and creative ideas we need in 2021

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Pitching the idea of a new business and taking it to the success is definitely not a piece of cake. One must be determine, creative, and sharp enough to lead the new business venture. Also, in this competitive era with thousands of businesses and careers around, it has become very difficult to figure out which business is worth pursuing.

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the business sector around the whole globe witnessed a massive fall. A report reflected that almost 80% new businesses closed down in their first year as they are unable to work and grow strategically.


 If the business fails- there are several reasons behind it. It can be the fail of action plan and strategies. The reason can also be the poor cash flow management and lose control over the finances. The weak leadership and bad planning can also lead to the failure of new business and even the progressing one.

If the business is unable to show its online presence and marketing, it can easily fail!

But let’s talk about the biggest reason of business failure.

A report was conducted in past that showed, around 70% new businesses face the failure because the entrepreneurs choose the wrong idea. The wrong idea of a business is something that is not competitive enough for the market and is not in-demand from audience.

The clickable business the plan is not easy to run. Your branding material should fall in place to keep the people engaged and curious into your business. You must have a catchy logo or gucci embroidered patches to make the audience remember your business easily.


If you want to initiate your own business venture than having the skills of entrepreneurship is not enough. You must be having a great business idea and fantastic strategies that could bring you profit.

The excellent business ideas that are used right at the moment can help the entrepreneurs to end up in huge scale projects with million-dollar income yearly!

I am presenting a list of 7 best productive and creative business ideas that would work wonders in the year 2021 and ahead. Let’s get into the study.

Virtual assistance and online tutoring:

Becoming a virtual assistant and an online tutor is one of those perfect ideas that are going to stay in the long run down the road. Virtual assistant are being in demand due to the online businesses and you are going to earn a good income with this business idea.

Opting for an online tutor is another great idea that could help you to initiate a new business venture. Due to the COVID-19, a lot of students are looking for skilled tutors who can make them learn online and you can try your luck with it.

An e-commerce site:

The online stores and sites are also making a successful mark in the business sector. People nowadays also prefer online shopping and this is helping online business ventures to grow.

You can go for the sale of some best products including clothes and shoes, goods for beauty, cosmetics, children’s good and stationery items, foods and drinks, and goods for home.

Home-based catering and bakery:

Home-based catering is also an emerging idea that could bring you extra profit. All you need is an excellent command on cooking skills. You can also try the local food market and sell your food to them on commission.

Starting a bakery business is also one of the most successful ideas in the list of home-based business. If you have got the baking skills then this is one of the best startup ideas.

Content creation agency:

The requirement of crispy and catchy content is going to stay for a very long. Unique and genuine content has become a challenge for companies. If you have excellent writing skills then it is the best idea to pitch in 2021.

As a content writer, you have to create relevant and valuable content for the business. You can initiate the content writing agency and this will catch the attention of your targeted customer. You can go with blogs, webpage, infographics etc.

Mobile application and web development:

There are almost 3 billion people using smartphones. This is giving a rise to the development of the mobile application. Companies are also emphasizing having a mobile application rather than a desktop.

If you are brilliant tech-savvy, then you can initiate the idea of developing mobile applications and websites for the companies. This is going to help you in staying updated with your tech field along with a promising pay scale.

Travel planning:

Travelling is also getting costly. People are looking for those pathways that could help in saving money. If you can help people with fewer travel costs, airline and hotel fares, then initiate your online travel planner business.

This business idea doesn’t require huge business cost and you can think about it as the best business idea for 2021.

Photography/ makeup artist/ event planning:

Getting into the business of photography and makeup artist is also an appreciable move. Being a makeup artist is one of those home-based businesses that provide flexibility and market competitive income.

Photography and event planning can go hand in hand as well. If you have a nice camera and editing skills then get yourself settle in this business.


The aforementioned 7 ideas are the most innovative and creative ones that an individual can look for in 2021. If you want to go for the business ventures then make sure to have a sneak-peek into this list. 

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