7 Best Software Tools and Online Apps for Small Business


These small business software programs and tools have unique features that allow your business or start-up to function efficiently – whatever your setup or platform. As technology advances, more tools are developed to adapt to the current business needs.

Small business tools empower organizations by maintaining organized work, operations, and helping businesses succeed. These tools provide automated processes, streamlined procedures, and daily duties to help small businesses to work efficiently with less time for optimal performance. 

According to the latest research on time management, the average entrepreneur spends about 68% of their time confronting everyday tasks. The remaining percentage focuses on strategic planning, long-term goals, and activities to expand a business. 

A small business operates under minimal budgets, resources, and workers. The reason is they can’t afford software programs or tools to streamline daily processes and management. Therefore, investing in top software and tools for small businesses – especially free ones – can address daily corporate needs. There are various software and tools available for communication, collaboration, productivity, marketing, accounting, operations management features, etc. 

Here are the small business software and apps for small business that we will look at today:




        Google Workspace



        Builder AI

        Top Marketing software

Slack: Top Team Communication Software

Slack is a team collaboration software that combines and enhances team communication. It’s one of the best for small businesses. The software supports team interaction and it’s easy to administrate channels. Its history feature keeps records of conversations that you can search or organize.

Slack can integrate easily with the third-party platform. For instance, you can combine it with Google office suite to attach related documents to channels for easy access. You can also install bots on these channels to automate business functions or access other services. Collaboration with remote teams to share business emails or information remotely is also possible.

Trello: Top Free Project Management Software

Trello is a top project management software that keeps your projects organized in a flexible and rewarding manner. It uses boards to create, manage, prioritize, and track your projects’ progress. 

Trello features a board that has a series of lists and several cards for efficient management and automation. Millions of companies use Trello to create boards with various tasks and projects since they are straightforward and user-friendly. 

It tracks what users should work on, users working on it and progressing tasks at any given time and if you create a task, you can know a user who has accessed it as other users move it in different columns.  

Google Workspace: Top Document Management Software

Let’s look at Google Workspace, previously known as Google Suite, which comprises top online programs, including Gmail, calendars, cloud storage (drive, photos, docs), video meetings, slides, etc. 

Google is a reputable brand recognized globally as the best document management software. It is a free choice for small businesses featuring multiple functions such as secure files’ storage, sharing, and collaboration. 

All available tools provided in the Workspace are Google products. It means you can easily integrate them with any productivity app within an account.  With Google, you can also connect other third-party software and tools for small businesses. Any small business can easily access the apps by signing up with a Gmail account. 

QuickBooks: Top Bookkeeping Accounting Software 

QuickBooks has ruled the accounting software industry for years since its inception. Intuit developers have different versions of QuickBooks. They also specifically designed for small businesses to manage invoices, pay bills, and analyze yearly financial reports.

Other QuickBooks’ professional features for small businesses include viewing customized sales, income and expenses, inventory records, taxation, tracking cash flows, etc. QuickBooks is also available in several editions, both online and offline platforms. The online version from Intuit is the best accounting software choice for small businesses.

The primary reason is its affordable pricing and several features that simplify accounts management and invoicing. QuickBooks has extensive accounting information, which you can customize for your business. 

Zendesk: Customer Service Operations Software

Zendesk is a form of CRM software that works well with your small business to provide sales, client engagement, and support. It offers excellent customer relationships and an all-in-one help desk solution for generating insightful data on client engagement.

Zendesk provides easy customer interactions on one platform if they desire to link up using chats, social media, phone, or email.

It makes it easy to track all your support requests, reply to quick questions, and monitor customer service agents’ efficiency.

Zendesk is also flexible, easy to develop, and provides small businesses with essential tools and opportunities to try new ideas. It also features custom reports, metrics, and flexible info visualizations. All that, allows small business teams to utilise the crucial data that matters most.


Builder.ai is an AI-powered platform that lets you build better software, 6x faster and pay 70% less. If you are a small business looking to broaden your horizon and step into the world of applications… then you won’t find any place better to begin.

If you need to get your small business online, their Studio Store apps are pre-packaged so you can get them in around 2 weeks. You can even try their ecommerce app for free. With them you can:

        Spec your idea for free

        Guaranteed price

        Set timeline upfront

        Receive ongoing support

        Free cloud hosting


Top Marketing Software 

Marketing software for small businesses comes with many powerful tools, focusing mainly on promotion, client insights, and sales leads. These include:

        Website builders such as Wix, WordPress, and Drupal

        CRM (Customer relationship management) like HubSpot and Zoho

        Email Marketing like MailChimp, OptinMonster, and ConvertKit

        Social media marketing with Hootsuite and Buffer

        Web hosting such as HostGator, Bluehost, and SiteGround

        Design Tools like Adobe Creative Cloud.

And this is just a small taster of top software and tools for small businesses. There are multiple other tools in different categories, with various functions and features depending on your business needs. 

Indy is a comprehensive project management software that includes everything you need to stay on top of your projects, from marketing to management to billing.
You can keep track of different tasks for multiple projects by assigning filters or moving tasks from one project to another. The tasks tool also allows you to assign tags, making it easy to see at a glance which project has the most tasks remaining. The deadline and reminders feature ensures you also deliver your work on time. At the end of the week or month, you can link your hours to an invoice by adding your hourly rate before sending the document to a client.

Features of Indy include:

  • Time tracking

  • Managing invoices, tasks, and contract creation

  • Customize proposals with your own branding

  • Profiles, which help you get clients

  • Chats, Projects, & Client functions for convenient communication


For your small business to have productivity, maintain streamlined operations and growth, you also need to invest in crucial software programs and tools. These tools improve communication, collaboration, marketing, accounting, productivity...

Above are our top picks but there are various tools to choose from depending on what your business does. Some of the best tools are free or available for paying options with advanced or premium features that you can customize for your small business needs. 




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