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7 Best Travel Ideas in Australia

There are many reasons to visit Australia. The Land Down Under has beautiful beaches, iconic landscapes, amazing opportunities for adventure, art, culture, and a variety of sports. It also has some of the friendliest people in the world.

Australia provides something for everyone. Here, we’ve got a list of 7 must-see attractions that will make your vacation here memorable.


The Gold Coast

If you love beaches, the Gold Coast is for you. Located on Australia’s east coast, this region south of Brisbane is renowned for its beaches. One of the most famous is Surfers’ Paradise which features both exquisite beaches and the world-class surfing.

In addition to the beaches, there are many theme parks and wonderful restaurants in the area.

Go inland a bit and you’ll be able to hike in Lamington National Park where you can see rare tropical birds and swim beneath waterfalls.

Margaret River’s Wineries

The Margaret River region in Western Australia is known for its world-class wines. The first person to start a vineyard here was Dr. Tom Cullity who started Vasse Felix in 1967. Since then, other vineyards cropped up, taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate.

Now this area produces renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, chardonnay and shiraz wines. It is also known for its art galleries, fine restaurants, and scenic vistas. For a relaxing and cultured weekend, book a stay at a cozy local bed and breakfast.

The Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest barrier reef stretches for 2300 kilometers and is the world’s only living structure that can be observed from outer space. Located off the Queensland Coast, it is a scuba diver’s paradise. The reef is made up of over 600 types of coral and provides a home for 1,625 species of fish as well as 133 types of sharks and rays.

In 1981, this underwater world of brilliant coral was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Another UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Australia is Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers’ Rock. It’s a large sandstone formation located about 200 miles from Alice Springs in central Australia.

Considered sacred by the local aborigines, this monolith emerging from the ochre-red landscape is one of the country’s most notable landmarks. Visitors can arrange a horseback ride to the area, or view it from a helicopter or hot air balloon. It is particularly beautiful at sunset.

The area around Uluru also has many native springs as well as natural caves where travelers can see ancient paintings.


International visitors typically disembark in Sydney, the country’s largest city. Home of two of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, it also has the spectacular Sydney Harbor and the Sydney Tower Eye and Skywalk. This outdoor platform gives a 360-degree view of the city and suburbs.

These attractions make Sydney a wonderful city for a walking tour, as does the Royal Botanic Garden. There are also some gorgeous beaches in the area.


Sports enthusiasts love Melbourne, the country’s second-largest city. In autumn and winter, it is the home of Australia’s national sport, Australian Rules Football. In the spring, horse racing is king. There is the Spring Racing Carnival featuring the Melbourne Cup. In the summer, there are cricket matches, tennis tournaments and also golfing events. Additionally, the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix is held here in March.

For those who are not as interested in sports, Melbourne still has much to offer, with interesting architecture, coffee culture, and an eclectic art scene. In addition to art boutiques and galleries, there are also numerous roads lined with urban art. The cuisine here is also more varied and experimental.

The Great Ocean Road

Located along the rugged western coast off Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road forms one of the most picturesque road trips in Australia. It is 243 kilometers long and includes 12 limestone towers dubbed the 12 Apostles, the Loch Ard Gorge, the Grotto, and the London Arch. There are also quaint villages along the road such as Port Fairy. There are also beaches, rainforests, and dramatic limestone and sandstone cliffs.


Before you Go…

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