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7 Best US Cities for Digital Nomads

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The COVID-19 pandemic has played a significant role in the rise of technology, leading to an increase in digital nomadism. Digital nomads are people from various generations, various socio-economic backgrounds, and various professions. What they have in common is these people have decided to choose a technology-enabled and location-independent lifestyle that enables them to work and travel remotely.


Due to technological evolution, most companies and organizations have become comfortable with the remote workplace. The employees can work from anywhere. Digital nomadism is a practice that has proven that it is going to be in the market for a long time. Soon enough, every company will be embracing the digital nomadic lifestyle.


Digital nomads work from anywhere, anytime, as long as they can get internet access. But these people are also picky when it comes to where they want to stay. They need a peaceful, quiet, yet vibrant neighborhood. So, what's the perfect place for such people to stay? Here are the seven best cities to choose from if you're a digital nomad.

1. Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville takes up the top list offering the best experience to work and explore the breathtaking outdoor scenery. You can visit Jacksonville at any time of the year because of its fantastic weather and the ability to visit the beach every day. Its popularity being on top of the list makes it ideal for any digital nomad. The affordability and rental listings make moving here easy. All you need is the Suddath Moving Company to make your move and settlement to this tech city easy. The rental rates average $960 per month.


The business categories and consumer interests in Jacksonville make it manageable for any digital nomad. The shared office space, golf lessons, furniture assembly, and brewery tour are but few thrills. Jacksonville gives you the best vacation getaways like the Ponte Vedra, Amelia Island, and Jacksonville Beach. All these amenities ensure that you enjoy your stay and leave you with the urge to settle here permanently.

2. Boise, Idaho


Boise, Idaho, comes in as the second-best according to our listings. It has a rental rate of $1495 per month. Boise has got a lot to offer in terms of exploration. The rivers, lakes, Rocky Mountains, and trails make staying in Boise more fun. The service amenities like the Fork, Leisureland RV Center, Diablo & Sons Saloon, and the Wandervans make the staying worthwhile.


Boise offers the most rental units with a variety for the digital nomads to make their preferences. Its rental ratings are known to increase yearly because of more nomads visiting the city. With a good network and perfect interactions, your stay in the city will be of many unforgettable memories.

3. Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville is the third-best digital nomad city on this list. Its rental rate is $1369 per month. Nashville is popularly known for its impeccable country music, shopping scenery, and hot chicken.


The popularity of Nashville makes it high on demand, and the rental listings also increased by 18.6% over the last year. The location of Nashville near the Cumberland River, north of the central part, makes it very inviting for most digital nomads. Moving to this spectacular city is the best decision you can ever make.

4. Austin, Texas


Austin harbors different unique cultures, artistic amenities, and musical experiences. These qualifications make it the ideal place for remote working that any digital nomad would love to experience. According to a survey done recently, Austin is listed as the hottest housing in 2021. The rent rates at $1323 with over 93% page views.


The social amenities here make the experience unimaginable. It is best known for the breakfast tacos, food trucks, boutiques, live music, and unique shops. Among the cities scored for having the most exceptional amenities, which are a must-have for most digital nomads. The co-working space and the rental furniture make life easier for the digital nomads than in other cities. You can work on the go if you live here.

5. Charleston, South Carolina


Due to its large rental amounts of $1645 per month, it's ranked fifth among the best cities for digital nomads. The best local amenities it offers include the Husk, Xiao Bao Biscuits, and Sullivan's Island for the vacation getaway.


Charleston offers high chances of finding yourself the best digital nomad housing. The Folly Beach gives the whole experience any day for the sun. The availability of numerous excellent restaurants will provide you with ease for finding food for yourself. Not to mention you can work from some coffee shops and restaurants here.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is the most affordable digital nomad city, with a rental rate of $1275 per month. The bright lights and the casinos offer an unforgettable shopping experience and hiking trails. It provides social amenities including the Downtown Summerlin and the Red Rock Canyon. There are lots of experiences that Las Vegas offers to the digital nomads. If you have chosen to visit Las Vegas as your final destination for the remote work experience, do not forget to visit the Arts District Downtown.


The nomad-friendly jobs offered in Las Vegas include customer service, sales, fitness, and education.

7. Fort Collins, Colorado


Fort Collins is found next to the Cache la Poudre River. Its location at the base of the Rocky Mountains offers the best experience for the craft brewery, access to natural areas, and biking experience.


With its rent at $1795, it is filled with lots of opportunities and outdoor recreational experiences. The local social amenities include the Noosa Yoghurt, New Belgium Brewing Company, and the Horsetooth Reservoir.

Choose Your City


The digital nomadic lifestyle is increasing significantly with the changing of times. Most people are already canceling office work and are going for the digital mobile experience. In the coming years, the number of digital nomads will be even higher.


However, we weigh some variables to list a given city as a digital nomadic city. These variables include the affordability of the rental fees, the availability of social amenities, and the growing business categories in the area. The above are just a few cities you can choose to settle according to the lifestyle you want and your budget. Once you've chosen your city, the experts at Suddath Moving Company will be happy to move you.


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