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7 Brau | South Korean Craft Beer Brewery

Korea is the world most popular in alcohol consumed per capita. While traditional alcohols like soju and makgeolli are highly popular, beer is also often enjoyed. The capital of Seoul has developed a unique and famous craft beer. 

From producing some deplorable beer to the epicentre of Asia’s craft beer movement, South Korean beer industry has come of age lately, thanks to many small breweries like 7 Brau. 

Once, the South Korean beer scene was just too appalling, dominated by run-off-the-mill mass brewed beer. That explains monikers like "Home to the Piss of the Devil" and the "Land of the Bland". The prime culprits for such deplorable state were regulations that prevented the entry of international brands into the peninsula and denied licenses to small breweries.  

It all changed gradually, starting from 2009 when South Korea signed the Free Trade Agreement. It brought down the import prices on foreign liquor, making better variety and more delicate taste affordable for ordinary folks. The next epoch-making moment came in 2014 with the introduction of liquor tax laws that ensured licenses for small scale beer production. Plus, small breweries producing at least 150,000 liters of beer could now sell to other businesses. 

With the intrusion of western-style craft beer breweries and the rise of indigenous small scale breweries, the stage was set for the craft beer boom. Craft beer accounts for just over 1% of the market, but Korean millennials with evolved palate are gravitating towards a premium experience associated with craft brews. Seoul, the national capital, has been the epicenter of the movement with a fair share of small and microbreweries offering delectable varieties.  

7 Brau Brewery is contributing towards the normalization of craft beer in South Korea. The brewery flaunts modern brewing installations in a state of the art facility in the Gangseo district of South Korea. 7 Brau began with a single brewpub and eatery location gradually branched out to YEOUIDO, GANGNAM STATION, LOTTE WORLD TOWER, MAPO, DONGTAN, and Suwon. Its commitment towards quality and craft powers the brewery's growth.  

The Craft beer brewery offers delectable brews handcrafted with passion and precision to keep beer geeks coming back. On offer are eight unfiltered brews on tap, including the recently introduced Imperial India Pale Ale (IPA). The brew is amber-coloured with ABV on the higher side, 7% to be precise. It starts off tart, transforms into mellow and leaves creamy notes of vanilla at the end. The serve pairs best with stout-infused steak and similar cuisines. 

All 7 Brau brews are not filtered and hence, are healthy. Plus, they pair well with all cuisines. Instead, over 75% of the brewpub's menu incorporates craft beers. 7 Brau Brewery is particular about its brews, maintaining quality standards across the board. From ingredients to fermentation processes, every aspect is well catered to, in line with the established standards. 

Castle Malting TV provides you more information about 7Brau brewery which is an hour's drive from Seoul, South Korea. 7Brau brewery challenged themselves with passion to introduce the first ale beer in Korea. Heesang Kim, the owner, shares his experiences, brewing secrets, and more.

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