Monday, December 11, 2023
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7 Clever DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Whether it is your bedroom, living room, or dining area, you don’t want to keep it blank as a blank wall or ceiling is dull. You want to decorate it to make it attractive and bright so that you don't have dullness in your life.


When it comes to decorating your room or entire home, hiring a professional designer can cost you a lot. As per a study, you can have to spend approximately $ 5 406 for hiring an interior designer. And your total cost for home decoration could be anything between 10 000 and 20 000 USD. You can save the hiring cost if you opt for DIY room decor ideas for the decoration of your abode. Here are some clever ideas for your help:


1. Stick framed posters

Using framed posters to accentuate a home has become common these days. When you decide to use the framed posters for your room decoration, you should think of the style of your interiors. Sticking a big poster of your favorite horror flick could be a weird option if you do it with your Victorian-style sitting room.


To make the framed posters work for your room, you should select the one that can represent the theme of your room in which you are going to hang it. You should keep the function of your room in mind while choosing such one. For example, posters of some cartoon characters are best for your child room while a culinary-themed poster will be great for your kitchen.


2. Opt for wood artwork


You can do two works with one idea. With the use of wood-made art pieces, such as antique duck decoys, you can easily decorate any part of your home and display your love to wildlife. Request an artmaker to customize the wooden art piece as per your choice of size, color, and theme.


3. Go green


Do you want to have a fresh and welcoming look in each room of your home? There is no better way than going green. Apart from purifying your indoor air, household plants help you create a warm and fresh look for your entire abode. You can place the pots of small to medium-sized plants on stairs, close to the windows of every room, and in corners. Further, you can use transparent water bottles to place plants on the shelves in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.


4. Place a cool side table


For the creation of a fantastic look in your living space, you can go with placing a cool and exclusive side table. On that table, you can leave an inspiring quote inscripted on a framed metal piece and place a flower plant pot. You can create a jazz look to this table by painting every crate with your favorite colors. Further, you can use a stack of books to create such a table in a room.


5. Hang creative mirrors


With the use of mirrors, you can add life to your home. Apart from making your space look bigger, they beautify the look of your room and reflect the light coming from outside. The reflection of light brightens up your space. Install a different mirror for each room of your home. For example, you can hang a star mirror in your living room. For a better look, you should have a design that goes well with other furnishings of a room. Hang it at the appropriate height and value what you want to get reflected in this mirror.


6. Stick wallpaper


For an inexpensive decoration, you can opt for sticking wallpapers to the walls of each room of your abode. Keep what you like or the room theme in mind while selecting wallpapers. For a unique decor, you can go with the one that exactly defines the theme of your space and choice.


7. Go with canvas prints


Canvas prints are one of the most trending home decor ideas. Most people love to have unforgettable clicked moments on their canvas prints. On the other hand, some love to go with personalized visuals, like a beautiful collage or a favorite quote. They are available in different shapes and sizes. However, you can avail them as per your requirements through customization. You can paint something yourself and hang the same in your living space if you love painting.




Decorating a room or an entire home is an expensive job, especially when you hire an interior designer. DIY room decor ideas come for your rescue here and help you save the amount you would pay to that professional. For DIY room decor ideas, you need to be more creative and find inspiration from the things that you come across in your physical or virtual world. Some ideas mentioned in this post can help you a lot in decorating your home.

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