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7 Compelling Benefits of Fireclay Apron Front Sinks (Farmhouse Sinks)

If you are searching for a kitchen sink that will work hard, last for a long time, and make a bold statement, then a fireclay apron sink just might be what will be best for you. Additionally, you can match a fireclay sink with practically any style of kitchen, from modern to traditional and everything in between. 

As the name suggests, farmhouse sinks were originally designed for farmhouses. Their huge size and unmatched durability make them perfect for the tough jobs,which is necessary for the kitchen sink on a family farm. Farmhouse sinks regained popularity in current years, as homeowners spend more time in the kitchen. For larger families, who mostly spend their time in the kitchen, the size and shape of an apron front sink can be much more convenient and comfortable.

Fireclay farmhouse sinks, also known as fireclay apron front sinks, are popular for the many benefits they offer. They look great in rustic style kitchens, and even if you do not want the rustic look, there are many other reasons you should opt for a fireclay farmhouse sink.

Here are a few compelling benefits, which will convince you to purchase  fireclay apron front sinks:

1. Durability

As mentioned above, when you look for a sink for your kitchen, you need to search for one that is durable. And durability is one of the advantages that a fireclay farmhouse sink has. This is because, this type of sink is made by shaping clay into shape, drying it, glazing it and then putting it in a high temperature kiln. Fire clay, when dried and glazed with a ceramic glaze, lasts for quite a long time.

2. Acid and Alkali Resistance

While cooking, you use various different substances that could either be alkali or acidic in nature. Not all sinks are resistant to these kinds of substances. And it can make your sink corrode or even chip. Whereas, fireclay apron front sinks are actually resistant to acidic and alkaline substances. Which also removes the hassle of worrying over the sink not lasting because of simple cooking ingredients.

3. Porousness

One of the main criteria to look for when buying a new kitchen sink is how porous the material of the sink will be. Because the less porous the sink is, the better. And fireclay apron front sinks are non-porous due to the ceramic glaze that protects the sink from any kind of stain. Not to mention, if you get a sink that is porous in nature, then you can face various issues, including scratches, as well as staining.

4. Resistance to Scratches

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are resistant to scratches which is great quality, because when a sink is not resistant to scratches, it becomes dull over the years, and starts staining and becoming more susceptible to chipping or breakage. Also, this will make you change your kitchen sinks, several times a year.

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5. No Protruding Lips

It may seem like quite a small benefit to include when talking about kitchen sinks, but be rest assured that these criteria will definitely save you from a huge problem, down the road. For instance, when you want to clean your kitchen counters, you do not want to have some residue getting stuck between the counters and the sink. Imagine every time you go to clean your counter, and how much that residual will keep building up and becoming even dirtier and harder to get out. Whereas, having a sink with no lips can save you from these kinds of shudder-worthy scenarios, which no one wants to experience.

6. Style

If you are looking for a homely, natural, and handcrafted design for your kitchen sink instead of an industrial look, then this type of fireclay apron front kitchen sink is the one for you. Because each sink is handcrafted before entering the drying process, it makes each sink unique from the other. Basically, it is like having your own styled, one-of-a kind sink.

7. Easy Maintenance

Something which every single person wants in every product they get is easy maintenance. This is one of the major benefits that a fireclay farmhouse sink has to offer to its buyers. As mentioned above, the sink does not stain, and you just need to clean it with a liquid cleaner and a sponge. Also, you do not have to use heavy-duty products or steel wool to maintain the quality of the sink. As a customer, what more could you expect from a kitchen sink, if not for easy maintenance?

Fireclay apron front sinks have several benefits that make them the best choice for a lot of people worldwide. Although, they are not the cheapest sinks on the market, they are worth the price, because of how long they will last. In a nutshell, you will definitely be getting what you paid for in the high quality and various advantages that you will get after buying it.

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