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7 Content Optimisation Tools Which Can Help You to Become Pro Marketer

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Content writing is a process which includes planning, writing and editing web content which is specially oriented towards digital marketing. It is the most popular way to gain an audience or customers at current times; therefore, any content creator must optimise their content through the right tools. The right tools will help the content to reach to the right people and receive recognition for your work. 


In today's time, business-oriented people have inclined towards digital marketing to gain maximum recognition and customers as well. However, all individuals can't create content as it requires some specific tools, so most people take the help of professional content creators. If you are a professional content writer, there are a few tricks and tools that you need to follow so that the content reaches more people. The optimisation of the correct tools helps-  


  • Identify Content Problems 

  • Specific Recommendations 

  • To Get More Traffic 


Now let's move ahead to know about a few best optimisation tools 


  1. Grammarly 

     Grammarly is a free grammar checker tool which should be a part of every content creator. This is one of the most helpful optimising tools, Grammarly scans the entire content just in seconds and highlights any grammatical and spelling errors. It also warns you against any plagiarism on your content.


  1. Frase 

     Frase helps to create a content brief using artificial intelligence. Once you type your content topic, Frase will give you the content title and subtitles to help you gain authority and popularity on your topic. Apart from that, this tool scans the top-ranked articles on a particular topic and suggests you about necessary additions in your article to improve the ranking. 


  1. Ahrefs and Semrush 

     Ahrefs is professional software that contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits. 


     Semrush too is an SEO tool which searches for keywords, looks for backlinks and runs an SEO audit for the blog. It also lets you know about the keyword strategy used by your competitors. If you are considering Ahrefs vs Semrush, then Ahrefs is easier to use and gives a more helpful estimation of the backlinks to rank up for a particular keyword. 


  1. Hemmingway Editor 

It is one of the best editors to trace readability and suggests ways to improve your writing skills. It also highlights the complex and hard to read sentences so that you can replace them and improve the overall grade. 


  1. ShortPixel or ImageOptim 

     A well-optimised content should have a fast loading webpage. Large images often disrupt the fast loading page, but this can be fixed using an image optimisation tool. Although there are plenty of options for image optimisers, ShortPixel is at the top amongst all. 

     It is available as a plugin and automatically reduces the image size without degrading the image quality. 


  1. Clearscope 

     Clearscope is another popular content optimization tool with a clear interface. It helps to identify the content gap of your article with other top-ranking articles. Clearscope can also be added on Google doc, and you can bring its features while finalising your content on Google doc. 


  1. SEMrush Writing Assistance 

     There are many SEMrush modules that help in content optimization, and one of them is writing assistance. This tool scans all the top-ranking content pages related to your target keyword and recommends you necessary suggestions like-

  • Word limit

  • Words to include

  • Semantically related words

  • How to get backlinks 

  • Average readability score

SEMrush can be accessed via the SEMrush web and also available as a WordPress plugin


These are a few essential content optimisation tools that will help you to implement your content to become a pro marketer. If you want to learn about these tools better, make sure to go through this article. 

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