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7 Core HRIS Functions That Will Change The Game For You

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The Human Resource Information System, abbreviated as HRIS is the brain of the HR department. It stores the data, manages, and organizes it for use in the multifarious HR tasks. Basically, it is utilized as an information-crunching software by companies for the smooth flow of workforce management. 

“75% of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process.” - Capterra

From creating and maintaining employee records, ensuring legal compliance, human resource planning, and forecasting, managing talent, and knowledge to enhancing decision-making, the wide range of procedures that HRIS covers and takes care of is astonishing. It has the capability to make each HR process easier, faster, and more efficient. You would be amazed to know the wide range of functions that HRIS streamlines that can change the whole HRM game for you!


Let’s walk through all the 7 HR operations in detail that are facilitated with the help of a top-notch HRIS: 


Employee Database Management

As the same suggests, the primary feature of HRIS software is to manage the database of HR systems. It is that safe place where all the employee and company-related information is kept. The data includes employees’ personal details such as name, address, date of birth, contact number, educational & professional information, and skills. Besides, the organizational data including policies, checklists, corporate directory, and legal data is safeguarded through HRIS. The software is cloud-enabled, making the privacy and security of the information the least of worries. 


Applicant Tracking & Management

Next comes the recruitment management, onboarding, off-boarding, and all other related tasks that HRIS has control over. ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System that is entirely managed using the HR information system. It is an easy job to choose an HRIS/HRMS software for your company as they all serve the basic information management purpose. It brings the whole hiring process at one place. Be it job posting on different portals, sourcing and shortlisting candidates or scheduling interviews, organizing tests, and sharing offer letters, HRIS makes the entire recruitment & hiring management as easy as pie.


Time-off Management

The information related to time and attendance is extremely crucial for the whole HR maneuver to be streamlined. Take payroll management for instance, unless TNA (Time & Attendance) is coordinated with it, there can be no progress in the workflow. Usually, the leave applications, requests and approvals are facilitated using HRIS which is called Time-off management. It helps to keep the attendance updated properly with the record of each employee’s leave pattern. This feature helps to evaluate payroll accurately and also analyze the performance/conduct of the individual basis the same.


Performance Evaluation

Performance management is another elaborate procedure in itself. Whether it is managing KRAs (Key Result Areas) for tracking the everyday tasks of the workforce or their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to supervise the overall productivity and the monthly/quarterly/yearly show of the employees, HRIS software keeps the data intact for the performance assessment and management. The performance reports can be prepared, modified, and shared with the help of HRIS. Moreover, team managers can set/assign goals, track the achievement of the same, perform reviews, share feedback, impose PIP (Performance Improvement Plan), and determine rewards or appraisals based on the performance of each employee.


Payroll Processing/Management

Now, we will talk about one of the most intricate yet important HR processes of any organization - Payroll. The Human Resource Information System is even capable of supporting this elaborate procedure of the company. Payroll processing and management is a combination and coordination of a series of big and small tasks. Using HRIS, all the data that is required to be fed into the system, modified, stored, and transferred is kept appropriately. Be it the CTC, time, leave, holiday & attendance, earnings and deductions, tax applicability, arrears, and reimbursements, etc., HRIS is the perfect solution to handle the payroll-related information.


Benefits & Compensation Administration

Whenever an employee is eligible for any kind of benefits or compensation, The HR information system tracks and automatically records the relevant employee data in the database. For overtime, the professionals are provided with compensation, and there are numerous medical, health, and other benefits of working with a corporate establishment. The processing of funds, perks, finances, and other ways of implementing the B&C is efficient and completely transparent, making the system reliable. So, indirectly speaking, HRIS is one of the hidden keys to employee satisfaction. 


Employee Self-Service

Out of all the major factors that keep employees engaged, satisfied, and empowered, the ESS feature is the most highly responsible. It is the HRIS software that makes the functionality of the Employee Self-Service feature so smooth and efficacious. It lets the employees perform tasks on their own autonomously, without needing the assistance of HR, Admin, or other working professionals. Mobile HRIS is the biggest example of employees taking actions and carrying out assignments by themselves, that too anytime and from anywhere!


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