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7 Creative Dog Furniture Design Ideas for Any Home

It’s no doubt that a pet or specifically a pet dog brings immense happiness and life to our lives. And someone who makes love to his pet dogs or cats or any kind of pet, it is a little less so with all the accessories and furniture that come with them. In case of a big house, the dog bed or the cat litter box may be concealed from vision, in the garage or basement for example, but it is quite different in petite spaces such as a city condo.

This article is dedicated to all those pets that we love and that sometimes makes life difficult for us. Very often you just need to create a specific space for your cat or dog and you won't have to complain about ruined furniture, damaged carpets, or your stolen place on the couch. We have created a small collection of furniture and accessories for your pets that are original, aesthetic, and really practical. Trendy and minimalist wall perches for cats

Such a minimalist and elegant cat perch that it blends in with the decor, a truly modern doghouse or a modular, multicolored cat tree with scratching posts, our article is full of examples that will satisfy your adored little pets. It takes some to be happy, and our pets have understood it well: they will spend hours playing and napping on these beautiful pieces of furniture designed especially for them.

This furniture, while essential can easily become huge decorating and space challenges. We need our little cute pet friends to get all the necessary comforts, but who needs a pet or a dog basket that required or consumes up almost half the area of the living room or feel like litter in the toilet. Fortuitously there are myriad of beautiful options, without sacrificing the design of our condo.

The occasional piece of furniture revamped to a beautiful pet house

Just like us, cute little pet dogs also need a basket or house to take a sleep or take shelter. With these good to go and quite practical options, no more basket you want to hide when the visitor arrives or which monopolizes half of the show! The concept is easy: we remove the front doors of the cabinet or a panel and then insert covers. And tadam! That's it! The top portion of your cabinet can carry on serving as a side or adjacent table and the bed will be brilliantly concealed from view.

1)      The bed: It adds to the amelioration

A quite beautiful option is to go for a basket or Dog Beds online so pretty that it will not be embarrassing to expose it to all eyes.

This pretty geometric house doubles as a living room table. Source 

It is also possible to make a basket yourself, using several chunks of wood of the same size, fixed together.

2)      The old-fashioned suitcase

For vintage and antique lovers and recurrent travelers, it is a brilliant idea to convert your suitcase as your pet’s shelter or a bed. All you need to do is get a retro-looking one from a thrift store or even a sale of garage items attach five feet to elevate it and put on a comfy cushion. Apart from being original, it's pretty and it will get people talking!

3)      Litter box for Dog

This is another irritant that can hardly be prevented if you have a dog in your home. Much as the puppy is the right animal to get in a condo or in a small apartment, finding the area for the litter is a real headache. It's big, rarely pretty in addition to sometimes giving off some spiteful odors. Listing out are some of the interesting alternatives to hide it.

4)      Litter hidden in a trunk or basket

It is a chest or lid contained basket to make sure, an easy approach to wash out the litter, and with an opening towards the side to allow the feline to enter and exit easily.

5)      Litter hidden in a fake plant pot

In terms of decoration, the litter camouflaged in a pot decorated with a fake plant is the right one! You just need to select a pot big enough to contain a box-a littler box and to create a notch there to let the kitten pass. The top portion of the pot which holds the artificial plant should be removable to allow cleaning of the litter.

6)      Food bowls

Why do not you think to transform the food corner of our animals into a pristine place? You just need to choose pretty bowls which you have on trays. Get rid of the crumbs or puddles found on the surface!

7)      The hide-and-seek table

Do you feel embarrassed when your cat is having fun during your work? Don’t panic, the designers have found the solution to overcome the inconvenience caused to you by your animal. A furniture designer imagined a wooden table designed with holes that make it possible to form a real labyrinth. Thanks to the sufficient width of the table, your cat or your dog will be able to crawl, hide, and play. You can therefore work or eat in peace.

Another secret piece of furniture for animals, the coffee table made up of a small hole in the front of the door. It allows your animal to sneak into a small cocoon, where calm and relaxation await you. Benefit from a small storage space to organize your magazines, books, or important paper.

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