7 Digital Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Website


E-commerce is getting more competitive with every passing day. Digitalization has made online shopping easier and with a lot of variations. There are millions of sites that offer the same services or products, but with more variation comes more fierce competition. This industry is now completely based on Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest.


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Here are 7 digital marketing strategies that will certainly speed up the growth of your E-commerce site.


Boosting Product Imaging

  • Visuals play an important role in e-commerce. The consumers not only need detailed information about the product but also require images of the product.

  • This enables the consumer to have a complete overview of the product. Try using 3D over normal imaging, it increases the sales by 25% to 30%.

  • 3D imaging enables the customer to zoom in and swirl the product for a 360 view. It also gives the options to pop up info tools and rollover for better viewing.

  • Better imaging provides better customer feedback.

  • If your website has 3D imaging, it is more likely to attract traffic to the website.

Streaming Videos

  • Every product does not need video, but if you have something to showcase about the product, do it in style. If you show the usability of the product you are trading, it will convince the customers to buy it.

  • According to HubSpot, 81% of the customers state that video provides assurance in completing a purchase.

Adapt AI technology

  • AI helps in making an impact on your sales. It is designed to collect data and use it precisely to forecast customers' reactions. It will help you to collect information to improve your site for substantial growth.

  • Better experience of your customer will directly add up to your sales, positive reviews, and recommendations.

  • AI effectively predicts the consumer's needs and shows products accordingly. This helps in generating traffic and substantial lead.

  • AI can also be utilized to enhance your back end logistics for obtaining a great customer experience from bartering to delivery.

Promising Delivery

Flexibility in terms of delivery is an important aspect of increasing sales. People want customized delivery options according to their needs. If someone wants speed delivery, they are likely to pay the additional delivery charges.


At the same time, they also want to pay less if they don't want the order in a hurry. Keeping consumer's needs in mind a seller requires to constantly customize their delivery option. The better you serve the best you get.

Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is the most common problem faced by e-commerce sites. This usually happens when a customer does not find the delivery option suitable as per their needs.


The other reason for cart abandonment is confounded checkouts, low site performance, and need to set an account.


The solution to this crisis is to launch a mail recovery system. When a customer does not check out the cart for longer, send a series of emails to convince the customer for the purchase.

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Power of Wishlist

A wish-list provides you with an abundance of knowledge. By using this, wishlist you can send your customer's customized emails to incite them for purchase. Emails will provide sales notice, fewer stock counts to create pressure on the customers for the purchase.

Smartphone friendly sites

According to a study by Statista, 45.15% of people globally use a smartphone. So, the smartphone is the new outlet of this generation. It is very vital for your site to be a smartphone-friendly website.


People nowadays prefer shopping at the fingertips. Gone are the days when they used to hop to malls and markets to purchase stuff they need.


Here are a few add-ons that will make your website user friendly:


  • A scrolling cart that helps to enhance the customer purchasing experience

  • Options like add to cart, wishlist should be easy to sight

  • Customized delivery option according to customers needs


Google stated that 73% of people flee from an unfavorable mobile website to try a website that is user-friendly and does not crash.

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Ending note

E-commerce marketing strategies help one to enhance their sales and attract more traffic to their website. An ideal website needs user-friendly options to enhance the customer experience. Good feedback leads to substantial growth. People tend to be inclined towards the sites that don't crash and are mobile-friendly.

All the strategies here will surely help your website grow, increase sales, and generate good reviews. It is always said that you can change your marketing module by customizing according to client's preferences.

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