7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Security


First and foremost, security is an important aspect of your home that needs careful attention. Whether you are inside your house or have gone away for days, it must provide a sense of security and peace of mind. Nowadays, it is hard to determine exactly how a home can be protected from threats, break-ins and robbery. And sometimes it may be tempting to use your savings to acquire high-tech security means, but there are many easy and low-cost options that you can consider first if money is tight. 


Moreover, prioritising your home security does not mean you have to upgrade to the latest and most expensive security system. But, it does mean that you have to be cautious because break-ins are real and can happen to anybody at any time of the day. With this, you have to work out some preventative measures to keep intruders at bay. 


So, how secure is your home? Here are essential ways to improve your home security and keep your family safe.

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1. Upgrade All Locks 

One of the easiest and least expensive home security improvements is to upgrade your locks. New door locks surely improve access control, especially when you accidentally lose your keys. Fortunately, upgrading your locks can easily be done by professional locksmiths. Keyside Locksmith Central Coast provides a wide range of 24-hour lock services, from replacements to high-security lock installations. Moreover, professional locksmiths are certified and trained to install even the latest lock products in the market. So whatever lock you want to install in your home,  locksmiths have the experience to follow the standard installation procedures.

2. Install Alarm System And Motion Sensors

Installing an alarm system can act as an initial deterrent to potential intruders. Plus, this gives you a headstart to alert authorities if intruders are trying to break into your house. You should also be mindful that some burglars are capable of disabling your alarm system. Hence, in such a case, you should opt to buy a brand that still alerts even when disabled. 


Another option is to invest in motion-activated lights and sensors. Most if not, all burglars would choose to intrude on homes that seem quiet and vacant. By installing an alarm system and motion sensors, burglars are kept at a distance especially when you are out of town. The lights should be installed in the front and back, and in areas that could be used by criminals to hide.

3. Keep Car Doors And Windows Locked

When you leave your car after a hard day’s work, it’s easy to go straight to your doorstep without locking your car doors and window. However, this can be a potential target to intruders especially if you leave valuable things inside your car. In an event where your car doors and window locks are damaged or dysfunctional,  immediately reach out to Keyside locksmiths to help you fix your locks or replace them at an affordable cost. Moreover, if you should leave your valuables in your car, never leave them in plain sight.

4. Consider Installing A Home Security System

There are plenty of security options that already come with automation and monitoring to which you can install in your home. The good thing about these security systems is that they come in different specifications, designs, and levels of protection. And some of them are not high-priced and yet offer a good amount of protection. To choose one, you have to evaluate your needs and your area. 

5. Plant Thorny Hedges, Shrubs And Climbing Roses

If you have no means of getting a home security system, planting thorny hedges or shrubs is one way to deter intruders. Although fences are good barriers, trespassers can easily climb and gain access to your property. However, with the presence of thorny hedges around your house, intruders will have a hard time getting through them.  

6. Set Up An Exterior Lighting System 

Creating a landscape and adding exterior lighting will help protect your home. Dark spaces in your yard can become hiding places for violators. But you can prevent this by strategically installing lights. Solar lights are cost-effective and they come in different styles. You can position the lights on your sidewalks, and sides of your home leading to your door.

7. Raise A Dog

If given a choice, intruders would go for a pet-free home. Dogs have a strong sense of smell and hearing, allowing them to respond to a potential threat. Although dogs need the training to protect your home, they are territorial as well as loyal. When someone breaks into your house, your pet can immediately alert you.

To conclude, having security features can highly protect your home, but you also need to do your part. You have to be cautious, alert and intuitive about what’s happening in your surroundings.