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7 Essential Indian Spices You Need to Know

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Indian food is popular because of its array of spices. The beauty of this food comes from the delicate balance of many spices. Whether you dry roast these spices or oily-fry, they will make your food delicious and super tasty. Read the 7 essentials Indian spices that no kitchen should be without. 

A List of Essential Indian Spices 


  1. Cumin Seeds


Cumins seeds have earthy tones. You can buy it in whole dried and ground powder- quite often roasted if you want an intense flavor of this spice. You need to keep in mind when roasting; cumin gets burned quickly, so roast at low flame. If you want cumin seeds from India, you can contact Shree Syam, the best seeds, and pulses exporter. 


Cumin seeds don’t only enhance the taste of the food but also improves digestion. If you have a constipation problem, add cumin seeds in curry, sabji, or even drink a pinch of roasted cumin seeds with water. 

2. Turmeric 


Turmeric is an essential spice that is used in every Indian food, like dum aloo, shahi paneer, curries, chicken, and so on. No Indian food can be tasty without turmeric. A pinch of turmeric changes the color of the food and makes it scrumptious. To strengthen the taste of the food, Indians add a pinch of turmeric. As a leading Indian wholesale supplier, we provide high-quality based turmeric at the best rates. We can supply Indian spices and flavors across any corner of the world. 

3. Red Chilli 


Indian red chili is one of the most popular spices. That adds a red color to the mouthwatering dishes. This popular spice is found in every Indian kitchen. It is hot and highly in demand because of its mouthwatering aroma and medium pungency. Try the Shree Shyam red chili powder, which is FSSAI authorized and scientifically tested. When our red chili powder is intact with the oil, it brings a lavish and smokey taste. 

4. Cloves 


Cloves are the pungent spice that enhances the taste of several dishes, desserts, and drinks. The woody texture of cloves is difficult to chew with teeth, so many Indians use this spice in a grounded form. Cloves are often paired with cinnamon to make the dish smokey—a common use of clove in biryani, pulao, chai, and daal. At Shree Shyam, you will get whole clove and ground clove at the best rate. To retain the cloves' aroma and flavor, we advise our customers to keep them in an airtight container in the dark or cool place. 

5. Coriander 


Coriander is regarded as one of the oldest known spices in the world. The coriander seeds are automatic and pleasant. These seeds are used in curry powder, curries, gravey, and sausages. No South Indian curry is completed without coriander. The best way to get the maximum flavor out of the coriander seeds is to dry them. Heat the pan, add the oil, add the seeds, pinch of turmeric, and garam masala, and fry them over medium flame. Seeds are ready when warm aroma releases. You can keep this mixture in a box and use it in any food. If you are looking for a reputed Indian spice wholesaler, then get in touch with Shree Shyam. They offer you fresh coriander seeds at an affordable rate. No matter where you live across the world, we will send the aroma of coriander seeds and other Indian spices to your doorstep. 

6. Mustard Seeds


Mustard seeds are commonly known as rai. When cooked with oil, seeds become edible and release aromatic flavor in the pan. Mainly there four kinds of mustard seeds: yellow, brown, black, and yellow mustard powder. At Shree Shyam, we supply all of them. Indian love mustard because it goes with everything, like, Poha, fish, hot dogs, dhokla, curries, salad dressing, and so on. The pungent- nose burning magnificence of freshly prepared mustard cannot be compared. 

7. Saffron 


Saffron is one of the oldest and rich Indian spices. It is mainly used in Biryani and Kheer. The honey and sweet flavor of saffron can make any dessert mouthwatering. It is also used to balance spicy food. So, if you love to make sweet dishes, then the saffron is a must-have ingredient. The saffron gives a beautiful rich color to any Indian dish and has incredible health benefits. 



We hope now you know all essential Indian kitchen ingredients and are pretty much tempted to buy them. As a leading Indian spice wholesaler, we can provide you the best of the taste Indian spices at fair pricing. They are guaranteed not only pure but also to delight your palate with the taste. 


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