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7 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Staff Birthdays In An Organisation

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Most individuals are ever-excited for their birthday celebrations. What's more, if somebody's birthday falls on a weekday, they'll be spending a valuable chunk of that day at work. 


So, the burning question isn't whether organizations should or shouldn't partake in their employees' birthday celebrations. Instead, it should be how organizations should be celebrating their employees' birthdays. 


That is on the grounds that birthdays are one of life's most significant moments of epiphany, alongside other significant achievements like work commemorations and anniversaries. You may be astonished to discover that birthday celebrations are really one of the three days that employees are well on the way to quit their jobs.


With turnovers at record-breaking highs, businesses shouldn't neglect birthday celebrations. These occasions are chances to more readily connect with employees and show them that they're valuable individuals of the team.


Reasons Why Birthdays Are Moments Of Epiphany 


Moments of epiphany are dates or occasions that cause individuals to recount their life decisions. What makes birthdays a characteristic time to think about our lives and profession? 


For some individuals, adding one more year to their life prompts deep inner reflection. It's a day when individuals frequently make a stride back and make an assessment of what's good and bad in their lives. 


Numerous individuals have a vague idea about the road-map to their lives, such as being at a specific age when they get hitched or be promoted to a specific position of authority, or purchase their first home. That is the thing that makes birthdays extraordinary time to reflect on the previous year of their life.


Did they come closer to their goals? What was the most noteworthy high and lowest low of the previous year? Thus, birthdays are an incredible opportunity to think about current circumstances.


Advantages Of Celebrating Employees' Birthdays


The following are some of the numerous ways in which acknowledging and celebrating employees' birthdays can contribute immensely to your organization.


Reduce Turnover 


As indicated by research published in the Harvard Business Review, the quest for a new job hops by 12% just before birthdays. Giving an employee special consideration on their birthday causes them to feel valued as well as recognized, and representatives who feel acknowledged are less inclined to quit their jobs. 


Enhance Employee Commitment 


Indicating gratitude on an employee's birthday causes the person to feel rewarded and boosts their passionate duty to the organization and its objectives. This expansion in commitment brings about increased motivation and devotion for work, positively affecting your organization's mission. Research denotes that for each 1% boost in commitment, organizations see an extra 0.6% in their sales growth.


Boosts Joy


Getting additional consideration on your birthday from your boss and colleagues causes you to feel valued and reinforces the idea that you are an essential part of the team. This, in turn, promotes feelings of joy, decreases pressure and burnouts. As indicated by research, happy representatives are 12% to 20% more gainful and productive than their unhappy counterparts.


Exciting Ways To Celebrate Staff Birthdays


The following list incorporates the 7 effective ways to celebrate employees' birthdays in an organization if you're into law firm marketing services or simply a sales organization. The scope of these techniques is applicable to organizations of all sizes, whether big or small.


Cake Ritual


What even is a birthday celebration without a cake? Or a pie? Or anything sweet?


For a fancy birthday celebration, you can promptly get an amazingly customized cake with the employees' photograph, or you can ask them about what they like the most.


Dark forest, white forest, red velvet- there is no shortage of sweet, delicious desserts. You can substitute the cake for something more appetizing if the birthday boy or girl is a major lover of sweet things. 


Decorate Their Workspace 


A sure-shot approach to make an employee feel commended is by embellishing their workspace. Decorations and confetti are always fun. It's additionally a good thought to take the individual's interests into consideration. If he/she is somebody who truly adores dogs, placing pictures of cute puppies on birthday caps seems like a fantastic idea. 


Plan Out A Group Happy Hour Or A Birthday Lunch 


Allocate some time for entertainment exclusively on somebody's birthday! Eating together is a straightforward method to boost team bonding, and being able to celebrate somebody simultaneously is the literal birthday candle on top. 


Write A Personalized Note


Nothing beats receiving a personalized birthday card on your birthday. This can be a great greeting card, or it can be an email or an old-fashioned hand-written note. Keep in mind to give it a deeply personal touch.


Give Gift Vouchers 


Gift vouchers are always a smart thought, particularly if they're customized to a representative's wish-list or interests. Few days before their birthday, ask them casually about what they have wanted to buy for a long time and hand out the gift card on their birthday.


Create A Slideshow Video


A personalized slideshow video is a perfect way to convey your emotions towards your employees and preserve the unique birthday memories for a lifetime.


InVideo, a free photo slideshow maker, can come to your rescue to create engaging birthday slideshows. You can share the memories of your employees with this intuitive video creation tool. There is a wide range of transitions, pre-made templates, and effects to create the perfect slideshow within minutes.


This slideshow maker service lets you get to the point immediately without having to learn how to use complicated animation software. Get your message across with animated text – InVideo's slideshow maker comes with a plethora of text styles to add flair to the video. 


Browse through your local music files to add your favorite music to the slideshow. If you have no existing files, just click to record your own music. Choose from a variety of music setting options to sync slide duration with the rhythm of the music.


Share all of life's milestones, whether big or small. The possibilities with this intuitive slideshow maker are truly endless.

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