7 Fabulous Updates That Will Improve Your Outdoor Comfort


For many of us, this summer is all about staycations, exploring nearby places, and playing tourists in our own hometowns. For others, this summer is all about tackling home improvement projects and making updates to their outdoor living spaces.

Whether it’s beautifying a patio or purchasing new furniture, these updates go a long way in improving outdoor comfort. With that in mind, here are a couple of changes you can make to take your outdoor space from drab to fab this summer.

Invest in quality outdoor furniture

Most homeowners make the mistake of automatically going for the cheapest prices when buying outdoor furniture. If you really want to make your backyard more comfortable, aim for quality pieces. Furniture made from weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, synthetic resin, and teak are your safest bet as they’re more durable meaning you won’t have to swap it out every couple of years. When equipped with comfortable seat cushions, it will encourage you to sit back and relax, so you’ll definitely be spending more time outside than usual.

Create multiple comfy hangout spots

Depending on how much space you’re working with, creating multiple hangout spots is sure to make your outdoor area more comfortable and inviting. For those with large patios, you can try to create a layout that will accommodate several groups of people. A larger table that can seat fifteen to twenty people is ideal for when you’re entertaining or hosting a big gathering, while smaller tables can be used to seat medium or small-size groups. The idea is to create a space that will provide you with options. Just remember to leave enough room to create a sense of airy openness.

Take entertainment to a new level

With the rising trend of merging indoors with the outdoors, more homeowners are interested in replicating the living environment outdoors. While outdoor kitchens, grills, and fire pits can be great add-ons to your backyard design, you also want to invest in entertainment-focused products. Whether you’re up for a night of Netflix-binging or throwing a dinner-and-a-movie party, outdoor essentials such as weather-proof TVs and soundbars like the ones offered by Furrion will provide crispy visuals and high-quality sound that are sure to take your outdoor experience to a new level. You’ll be able to enjoy music or watch television even when you’re entertaining outside, thus recreating the comforts of a living room in your backyard.

Add smart technology

Smart tech devices are a great way to add modern touches to an outdoor area, and they are sure to make your life a little bit easier. A robot lawn mower is a smart solution to the dreaded backyard chore, while smart sprinklers that connect to Wi-Fi make it even more convenient to keep that grass green and healthy. For those lucky enough to have a pool, you can let the smart pool cleaners and gadgets do the dirty work for you, while a smart grill thermometer is sure to please any meat maestro by notifying them when each burger is ready via phone.

Design a play area for little ones

We all know that kids would rather go out and play and run around instead of sitting still. If you’re a parent or have a lot of young relatives who visit often, your backyard should be just as enjoyable for them. When updating your outdoor space, consider adding a play area for the little ones to enjoy. Whether it’s a climbing wall, a slide, or simply a sandpit with toy molds, designing a fun area for little ones can be a child’s play, and it’s sure to keep the kiddies entertained when grown-ups are talking.

Roll out a rug

We already mentioned the growing trend of merging indoors and outdoors, and rugs make for that perfect add-on for both living rooms and outdoor rooms. Just by rolling out a cozy rug, you can make your space so much more comfortable. Plus, outdoor rugs tend to be a lot cheaper than indoor ones. Even if rolling out a rug is the only update you make to your outdoor space, it’ll still make a world of difference.

Let there be light

Sometimes, the little things go a long way in making space feel cozier and comfier. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor lighting. And the best part? The options are endless. Whether you go for string lights for your lounge area, solar lights to your pathways, or floating bobbles for the pool, different light sources are sure to make your backyard all magical and whimsical when the sun goes down.

Big or small, outdoor updates can surely transform your yard and make it a cozy and pleasant place to live. And no matter how ambitious the project may be, with a little time, effort, and creativity, you can completely transform your yard into a relaxing outdoor oasis without necessarily spending a fortune. Use our ideas as inspiration to design a picture-perfect outdoor area you and your family will be able to enjoy all summer long.