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7 Focal Point Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment

7 Focal Point Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment min

Movement is critical in design. The eye should flow smoothly around a room. No matter where someone begins, their gaze should always end up at the same spot.


That’s your focal point.


A strong focal point can unify any room and start conversations. Even from across the room, it shouts look at me.


We’re going to give you seven of the best decorative focal points that you can incorporate into your apartment design. Any of these ideas will add the perfect finish to your space.


1. Architectural Tweaks


Take a look around your apartment. Your best bet at a focal point may already exist.


Features such as fireplaces, large windows, exposed beams, built-in shelves, and oddly angled walls function as ready-made focal points. They just need a little TLC to come to life.


Use quality wood from professionals like Timbawood and situate your furniture so that the pieces lead all eyes to the focal point.


Use bold art above your fireplace to highlight it. Or, decorate the mantle with your favorite pieces in an asymmetrical fashion to add visual interest.


Floor-to-ceiling curtains make the perfect accent for large windows. Add extra fabric to really bulk them up and make them stand out.


Place books and accessories on your shelving to up the aesthetic. Leave some breathing room between your decorations so it doesn’t look cluttered. A split of 70% books and 30% decor will give you a great balance.


Enhancing what you already have makes decorating that much easier!


2. An Accent Wall


One of the most popular ways to add a focal point to any room is to create an accent wall.


Wallpaper takes any wall from plain to stunning in no time at all. And with the innovation of removable wallpaper, you don’t have to worry about leaving a trace behind if you decide to switch things up.


The added drama of a bold color or pattern makes the perfect backdrop for your sofa.


Another very on-trend accent wall idea is the gallery wall. 


Take any of your beloved family photos or art prints and throw them up on the wall. Completely cover it in mismatched but coordinating frames that display all your favorites.


And for some real drama, take your gallery wall all the way up to the ceiling.


There are plenty of other accent wall ideas that range from using paint to fabric. You can find inspiration in just about any medium to match your design sense.


3. A Collection of Objects


Do you collect antique china or action figures? Maybe globes or liquor bottles? Why not put that collection to good use and make it your focal point?


Collections of smaller objects of different colors and styles bring visual interest to any space.


Displaying a collection can be a little difficult to pull off. 


Designate a space that is just for your collection. Stick it on your mantle or get a console table to put behind your sofa. You can even find a clever way to hang your collection on a wall.


Put the things you love out there for everyone to see!


There’s no rule that says you have to display your entire collection, either. If the whole thing doesn’t fit, pull out the pieces that make the most sense and put the rest away. Maybe you can trade pieces out every so often to keep things fresh.


4. Bold Colors


Color jumps out and grabs your attention without trying too hard. It’s charming and attracts the eye without having to jump around, waving its hands in the air. 


For that reason, color makes an amazing decorative focal point.


An accent wall is a good way to use color, but it’s not the only way.


Turn your sofa into a focal point by going bold. Choose one in a color or pattern that stands out among the rest of your decorations. Put it up against a neutral wall that’s either dark or light for a nice contrast.


Curtains are also a great place to bring a pop of color to your space.


Grab some curtains in a strong, attention-grabbing color to highlight a beautiful window in your room. No one will be able to resist looking directly at it as soon as they come in.


5. Large Light Fixtures


Take things to the next level and switch out your normal light fixture for something with a little more meat on its bones.


Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling and can bring an unexpected design element to your apartment. Chandeliers make an elegant statement in an otherwise neutral room.


The key to choosing a statement light fixture is to find one that is just a bit too big for the room you’re putting it in.


Having one oversized piece in a small room is a conversation starter, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm everything else in sight.


You don’t want the light fixture to be the only thing people see. And you don’t want to blind anyone either!


6. Oversized Artwork


You can use size to your advantage by turning a work of art into a focal point.


Show off your love for art in a way that is more in-your-face than a gallery wall. Cover an entire wall with one large canvas. You’ll definitely draw eyes with this one.


Keep your walls a nice, neutral color so that the art can speak for itself.


Place the artwork over some furniture. By hanging it over your fireplace, sofa, or another simple piece, you’ll give the artwork a chance to stand out without making it look out of place.


Tie the art into your room even more by choosing a color or element from the artwork to sprinkle in small doses throughout the rest of the room. 


Your design will be more cohesive and everything will bring attention back to that beautiful focal point.


7. A Big Mirror


Apartments are notorious for having small rooms. Mirrors are great tools for opening those spaces up by reflecting the light and making things brighter.


You can go over the top and cover an entire wall in one big mirror. Or, you can use a bunch of small mirrors in an interesting pattern to create a gallery wall with reflective surfaces.


Go for height instead of width to make your ceilings look higher.


A tall mirror above your sofa or fireplace will no doubt draw the eye of anyone that enters the room. It will make the room feel more spacious and welcoming.


You can tie it in with smaller decorative pieces to make the mirror the center of attention.


In Conclusion


Bring your design sense into focus by adding a focal point to every room in your home. 


Whether you’re working with what you already have or you’re splurging on a statement-making piece, remember that the layout is just as important. As long as you make the room flow naturally, just about anything can be the focus of your apartment.



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