Friday, September 29, 2023
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7 Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Gifts are ways by which we can express our love for our loved ones. They are memories which are meant to be cherished. Gifts are given to people who hold a special place in our life. They are selected after searching many options. The design, taste, color, size and other aesthetics are chosen carefully. It should reflect the feelings which you hold for the person.

While selecting gifts I am sure you look at every smallest detail which will make it special and worth remembering. Here we have tried to list the gifts which are not only popular but can be given to anyone to whom you want to give a present.

They are evergreen choices and can be preserved as a memory for long.

  1. Pen and Diary: A common combination but a powerful one. There is nothing better than  a pen and a diary. It can be used to write thoughts, diary entries mentioning special memories, to make notes, to note something important, to write poetry or to schedule appointments. This combination can be personalized by getting the name of the person embossed on it. It gives a personal touch to it.

Diaries are of different types: which have dates in it, which do not have dates in it, pictures can be included as a separator to make it more interesting, planners are optional to include in it. Sonam, who sells no tank toilet, says that she is sure that whenever the person will hold the gifted diary and pen they will not be able to stop themselves from remembering you.

  1. Mugs: One of the exciting options which has multiple uses like it can be kept as a showpiece, can be used to drink tea or coffee or even used as a pen holder. They come in various shapes and sizes. Interesting designs make it fun to give it to your loved ones. The digital technology is so advanced in todays’ times that you can get these mugs printed. You can choose any quotation, design or picture and get it done on it.

With the help of canvas colors you can even decorate them on your own. So what are you waiting for! Let your creativity be out and pour it on a cup. Rahul, who works at RazorHood, says that he also sells such mugs online. There is high demand for hand painted cups during valentine day and friendship day.

  1. Scarves: Scarves are another gifting option. They are so versatile in looks that men and women have started to accessorize them with their dresses. They come in triangle shape, square shape, in stoles form or a smaller version of it like bandhna.

Scarves can be used as a headband, to tie hair in a pony, to use it as a belt and style statement, can be used as an alternative to dupattas or just to wrap around the neck. You can make your own version of a scarf by DIY techniques. You can try tie and die on it, do embroidery or recycle it from an old dress for different looks and styles.

  1. Books: Books are considered as humans best friends. They are best companions and be with you even when no one is available. They give us knowledge, improve language skills, increase vocabulary and let us know about the world. It is always best to give books to your loved ones. It helps to spread the habit of reading.

You can also exchange your collection of books as a gift which is followed by reading club members. Payal, who is taking online jewelry making classes, says that she always sends story books as gifts when her son goes to his friend’s birthday.

  1. A handwritten note with a picture: If you are creative enough and believe in creating things on your own you can paint a picture or portrait of your loved one and write a handwritten note related to it. It can be a poem or a few lines to compliment them. It not only gives a personal touch but effectively communicates your true feelings. This picture can be clicked from your camera or a handmade sketch. Make sure it conveys happiness and cheerfulness. U can also frame it and gift it. It will ensure the durability of the picture for a longer period of time.
  2. Plants: Plants are an eco-friendly option and quite popular these days. The potted plants can be kept on the office table, can be decorated in the living room or any place of our choice. Reshma, who is associated with TrueBlueFisherMen says that in many public and social events it is now becoming a trend to give potted plants as a token of love, memory or appreciation. The person to whom you have gifted the plant will take care of it and always remember you while watering it. I bet it will bring a million dollar smile on their face.
  3. Decorating their favorite space: There is nothing better than renovating the personal space of your loved one. It will not only change its look but will make it a memorable space.I personally liked this idea. This is quite unique and innovative. Though it requires little currency from your pocket. You can also use your creativity to decorate the space on your own with recycled items. Youtube is filled with videos on such different themes and the best part is they are DIY tricks.

I must say by this time you have started planning to figure out which gift you are going to send to your loved ones first. I hope these ideas will definitely assist you in solving the burden of thinking about gifts which are useful. These gifts have personal touch and are powerful in communicating your thoughts.

They are not expensive and can be ordered easily from a website even. They are used in the corporate world as bulk gifting options and can be good business options also.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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