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7 Healthy Ways to Buy Your Groceries Online

Giving your family home-cooked, nutritious meals may feel like a daunting task that involves frequent visits to the grocery store. Not to mention the need to make a shopping list, plan out the daily meals, prep and cook dishes, wash the dishes, and clean up. Indeed, doing these things can may it seem like you’ll be spending most of your time in the kitchen

Luckily, there are ways to get healthy ingredients and foods today without physically going to a store – one of which is through online grocery shopping. And if you’re worried about the quality of items and types of foods you get online, know that there are online supermarkets that offer healthy food options that can conveniently be delivered to your home. 

These include sustainably raised poultry, meats and seafood, and fresh produce. All your requested items can be bought with a few mouse clicks or through a mobile app and delivered straight to your front door. There are even grocery shopping offers you can use to enjoy discounts and free deliveries.

But before you start shopping, here are seven healthy ways to ensure that you are buying the right amount of the most nutrient-dense products online.

1. Create a meal plan

The best part of buying groceries online is having your meal plan and recipes by your side as you fill up your virtual shopping cart. Like heading to a physical grocery store, creating a meal plan for the week or month is crucial to ensure that you won’t be neglecting to get what you need or getting more of what you don’t.

2. Take an inventory

Buying groceries online is the best opportunity to take inventory and replace outdated spices, herbs, marinades, dressings, and condiments. Check also your list of common household items, including paper towels, detergents, napkins, and trash bags.

While taking an inventory, take note of the items you often use and those that you don’t. This way, you’ll know how much of an ingredient you must order to avoid running out of any specific item or wasting money.

3. Try new fruits and vegetables

When buying fresh produce, you may only buy those you frequently eat from the fruits and veggies section, thinking you might not like other options. But why not try out some new fruits and veggies whenever you shop? Who knows, your loved ones might find a new favorite! Besides, there is no way of figuring out if you want the taste of a particular food than tasting it yourself.

Trying out new fruits and vegetables is also an excellent way of diversifying the nutritional content of your meals. You can pair your new choices with those you already love.

4. Read the nutritional information label

Be informed and read the item’s nutritional facts label and ingredient list. Some retailers also include icons to indicate if a particular item is organic and gluten-free. You may also find other signs or images that are important to you, so make sure to check these out to know more about the products you want to purchase.

5. Be prepared with possible replacements

It can be frustrating to know that you can’t get exactly what you want from an online grocery store. Take note that each retailer may handle substitutions differently. You can pre-select replacement options for all your orders or those you want to ensure you buy only a particular alternative. 

Conversely, you can indicate that you don’t want any substitute for specific items. Whatever you prefer, make sure to create a list of possible replacements if your preferred brand or product is unavailable or leave notes for each item. This way, you won’t get disappointed with your delivery.   

6. Consider the delivery day

Getting the balance between the available time slot and the time you want can be a challenge, especially if you are buying from busy supermarkets where their time slots are filled up quickly. But before you get any available slot, make sure that it meets your schedule, or someone is available to receive it. Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting that your delivery is on its way and having your frozen goods and fresh produce sit on your doorstep for a long time.

7. Know your shopper

Shoppers have an exclusive knowledge of who is replenishing what and when. With that said, you should build a rapport with your shopper. You can leave them a good rating, tip them, or say “thank you”. This way, you will most likely be informed immediately when your favorite dark roast coffee or other preferred items are in stock, including fresh produce. 

But make sure to order at the same time each week so you’ll be assigned with the same shopper when you place your orders. If not, you can message your preferred shopper directly and ask if they can assist you.

Efficient online grocery shopping

Grocery shopping and feeding your loved ones may be responsibilities that you can’t avoid. However, these activities don’t have to be stressful. 

When it comes to grocery shopping, the key is creating a meal plan, taking an inventory, being ready with replacements, checking the product’s label, trying new fruits and veggies, considering the delivery day, and building rapport with your shopper. 

Once you apply these healthy grocery shopping tips – before you know it, you will already be a pro in doing these tasks in no time.

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