7 Hi-Tech Gadgets You Must Get to Automate Your House


The emerging tech trends are all about innovation and automation. While some savvy tools help entrepreneurs automate operations, the internet of things gives access to connected devices. Now, homeowners can connect all their devices to the internet and control them through smartphones. It includes computers and everything from clocks, bulbs, thermostats, kitchen appliances, and doorbells to windows.

Home automation is one of the most up-and-coming trends in the tech space. People invest in voice assistants, advanced lighting, and security systems to take advantage of technology in homes. In addition to improving efficiency, homeowners can perform tasks by pressing buttons or giving voice commands. Most hi-tech devices are relatively inexpensive, whereas, for advanced devices like surveillance cameras, you might have to invest some money.

If you are ready to turn your house into a smart home, have a look below. Here are seven hi-tech gadgets you must get to automate your home.

1.    Spirit Box

Are you afraid of ghosts and spirits? At times, people feel the sensation and energy of someone passing by while they are alone at home. You might even hear strange noises, footsteps, and people murmuring during the odd hours. Such incidents can be pretty terrifying and intimidating, especially if you are living alone.

Instead of letting the fear disturb your routine life, get your hands on a spiritshack as part of your home automation spree. It uses white noise and fast scanning to pick up signals if paranormal entities are around. Besides, you can also record noises and sounds to determine whether any paranormal activity is happening or you are hallucinating.

2.    Smart Outlet

Are you thinking of adding smart lamps, alarm clocks, or coffee makers to your automated home? If yes, don’t forget to install smart outlets all across the place. You can control them with an iOS or Android mobile application and monitor their usage. Similarly, you can also track how much electricity every appliance consumes and cut back on the carbon footprint. Moreover, the smart plug lets homeowners set a charging schedule. It turns off the power at the given time automatically, helping you save up on your electricity bill.

3.    Philips Bulbs & Lighting System

Unsurprisingly, the Philips bulbs are an excellent pick for advanced lighting in homes. You have to install Hue’s ecosystem into your router to take complete control of the lights. You can pair it with lighting using Bluetooth to switch off and turn on the lights. It comes with a user-friendly mobile application, letting you adjust the color temperature and brightness levels according to the occasion. Additionally, the bulbs have built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google assistants, allowing you to control lighting through voice commands.

4.    Amazon Echo

Lately, voice-controlled personal assistants have gained a lot of popularity amongst homeowners. After all, it can work with smart home devices smoothly. You ask the device to play music, tell you the weather, or inform you about the football match’s score. Likewise, you can connect Amazon Echo to your kitchen appliances to turn on and switch off appliances by giving commands. People can also view the video doorbell on the Echo Show and regulate the gate control. Additionally, homeowners can customize their Echo device and set schedules that suit their preferences.

5.    Smart Locks

Are you tired of finding lost keys? The smart locks systems are eliminating the need for manual locks and keys. Homeowners can unlock the door with their smartphones using Bluetooth technology. You can allocate passcodes to every entry and exit to close doors for any unrestricted access in the house. Moreover, the innovative home security system also lets you track who comes in and out of your home. In case you notice your spouse heading out without locking the door, you can activate the locking mechanism to close the door remotely.

6.    Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

The innovative thermostat systems let homeowners control heating and cooling systems by phone or voice. You can set temperature schedules while remotely monitoring energy consumption. Besides temperature preferences, the smart thermostat can regulate the home’s temperature automatically. For instance, if it gets chilly during the night, it will adjust the increase in temperature. Likewise, if you are cooking, its smoke sensors will detect the activity and switch on the ventilation system. In short, you won’t have to worry about the home’s temperature again.

7.    Smart Kitchen Appliances

In today’s bustling life, having home-cooked meals seems like an uphill battle. After all, no one has the energy to stand in the kitchen for hours after a hectic day at work. Fortunately, the emerging tech innovations are making cooking effortless. From an instant pressure cooker to an automatic stirrer, you can cook food by simply pressing buttons. Here are some of the tech-savvy kitchen appliances.

·         Brava Oven: Unlike conventional ovens, Brava ovens can cook food in ten different ways. It has various cooking presets for meals and ingredients. Do you know the best part? It has built-in cameras, which means you can watch your food cook on the smartphone.

·         Precision Cooker: Now, precision cookers come with built-in Wi-Fi, easing the entire cooking process. You can switchit on from anywhere with a mobile application and start preparing food right away. It also has onboard controls and different cooking modes that guarantee perfect results.

·         Slice High-Speed Smart Toasters: Did you ever thought of using a touch screen toaster? Well, technology is making everything possible. The Slice High-Speed toaster comes with a touchpad that has different cooking sensors. It can let you toast waffles, bread, pastries, and English muffins.

·         Induction Burner & Frying Pan: Smart cookware, induction burner uses Bluetooth technology and embedded sensors to cook food at your desired level of flame. The sensors can also let you connect the mobile application to guide you through recipes, ensuring the meal is well-cooked.

·         Efinigy Power Blender: Do you like having fresh juices and smoothies? If yes, this power blender could be the perfect pick for your smart home. It has six different programmed settings, including smoothie, cocktail, ice crusher, etc.

Final Thoughts

Technology keeps getting more exciting and remarkable. It all started from digitalization, where people could shop online and get things delivered to their doorsteps. And now, technology is adorning homes, encouraging people to automate their houses. You can install security systems, monitor energy usage, and cook food effortlessly.