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7 High Performance Habits and Why You've Never Heard of Them

When you own a small business, it's important that you not only work hard, but also work smart. Why spend 12 hours a day in the office when you can shave that time down to 8, or even less?

The key to reducing your workload is picking up successful habits. Here are some best-kept secrets: 7 high performance habits you should consider adding to your business life.

1. Be Open to Constructive Criticism

You're probably proud of what you do, so it can be difficult to hear not-so-good feedback about what you're doing. While it can feel humiliating and embarrassing in the moment, the smart thing to do is to take that feedback and apply it.

Don't let pride get the better of you. Instead of dismissing feedback and constructive criticism, take a step back and evaluate how you handled a particular situation. Try to see if from the point of view of others, and you'll unlock a treasure chest of growth.

2. View Success in Non-Monetary Terms

We all need money to live, so it's a good motivator in terms of work. But when you work solely to acquire wealth, you'll never be happy.

Once you reach your initial desired amount, the goalposts will move, and the cycle will never stop. Ultimately, you won't be satisfied with the money you have, even if you're the richest person on the planet.

Try to view success in other ways other than monetary. For example, if you're happy with work, then you should view that as achieving your goal at work. This can be more motivating and you'll indirectly earn more like this as well.

3. Be Grateful Toward Others

As more and more interactions become digitized, many companies have lost the personal touch, both with their clients and their own employees. Because it's easier to send out mass texts or emails, many businesses have chosen this route to lower costs and effort spent. This can alienate you toward others and block you from creating meaningful relationships and loyalty.

Take the time to personally thank your clients and employees, whether it's through a phone call, an email, or a thoughtful gift. Showing genuine acknowledgment of what someone means to your company can encourage loyalty and improve morale.

4. Don't Be Complacent

Being complacent means you don't have the mindset of growth. Although it may feel nice for everything to fall into place and for you to have a nice daily routine, this won't count for much in the long run.

Whenever you find yourself feeling complacent, push yourself to reach further and achieve even more. Even if you're the leader in your chosen industry, there's always room for improvement.

Whether it's attending more seminars or even signing up for some classes at the local university, you can always learn more and apply it to your business to perform more efficiently.

5. Consider an Operational Plan

You probably have a business plan already, so consider turning it into an operational plan. This doesn't replace it, but instead, becomes an extension of it.

An operational plan focuses on the short-term, as it's a one-year plan. It's a granular level that shows what tasks need to be done to achieve that year's goals.

When you take your long-term goals and break them down into short-term ones, it can make it easier to achieve success in the long run since you've made everything into more manageable tasks. Find out more about operational plans by reading Cayenne Consulting's informative article.

6. Create To-Do Lists

This may sound like an obvious one, but you'd be surprised at just how many people don't do this. Making a mental to-do list doesn't count; writing it all down and seeing it on paper has an effect that making a mental list doesn't.

While you're sitting and writing all your tasks down, it gives you a chance to reflect and assess what's important in shaping success on a daily basis. Additionally, when you cross off these items, it's tangible evidence that you've set forth a goal and accomplished it.

When you do this every day, it can be highly motivating and can provide you with a clear sense of direction. You can even do this with long-term goals by breaking them down into daily or weekly tasks. This can help you stay on track to finish it by the end of your projected due date.

7. Help Your Employees Grow

When you're busy with your business and focus on only that, you may not see your employees as real people who work to make a difference in your company. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can have some harmful effects at work.

First of all, it may create a disconnect between you and your employees, which can hinder your efforts in creating company loyalty. Also, it can lower morale when all your workers focus on is the daily grind, and nothing else.

Take the time to encourage growth within the company and facilitate employees acquiring new skills. Offer incentives, such as yearly stipends toward any type of training they wish to go for.

When your employees see that you care, you'll see them blossom. In turn, your business will too. You're investing in your employees to bring skills to the table that'll improve your company, so why not also invest in helping them hone those skills?

Adopt These High Performance Habits and See Results Quickly

By adopting the 7 high performance habits we've listed above, you'll see a real difference in what you're achieving at work. Not only that, but others around you will have improved morale and productivity as well. It's a win-win situation that'll grow your company quickly and successfully.

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