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7 Ideas to Organise an Authentic Team-Building Experience That Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

7 Ideas to Organise an Authentic Team-Building Experience That Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

It would be difficult to find a company nowadays that doesn’t organise some sort of team-building activities for their employees. But, just because it is done, it doesn’t mean that it is done properly. If you really want your employees to have the best possible experience, you should think outside the box and come up with creative ideas.

Below you can see some interesting ideas, just make sure that you know what your employees really want and how to make them happy. Even the best team-building experience can turn into a disaster if it isn’t something your team will actually enjoy.

Outdoor Treasure Hunt – For the Competitive Ones

If you know that your crew nurtures that competitive spirit, allow them to express it in a healthy, non-harmful way during a very interesting activity. Pair them up with people they don’t usually work with and aren’t so familiar with, and allow them to experience nature at its best. Make sure there is a prize for the winner, as an additional bonus!

Weekend Spa Retreat – For an All-Female Crew

If your team consists of only women, chances are that tensions run high. Organising a competition in their free time might not be the best choice. Instead, opt for something that will help decrease the stress levels and help bring your team closer. Going away to a spa retreat for a weekend might be the best option. Swimming pools, saunas, massages, and facials… Your team is going to love it!

International Adventure in Europe – For the Thrill-Seeking Employees

When it comes to the perfect destination for a team-building event, the list is endless. But, going to a European capital such as Prague is definitely at the top. If you want to provide your employees with an experience they will never forget, this is the way to go. They will have so much fun that they will forget it’s a company event! Hire a local DMC company to help you out with the details, and your team will surely talk about the event for years to come.

Sleepover PS Marathon – For Man-Cave Enthusiasts

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Arguably, some men never have outgrown the childhood phase of playing games; they switch the means, but not the goal. If your team consists of people who have spent years investing in their man cave, a weekend spent playing PlayStation, Xbox, or PC games is definitely a choice they will appreciate.

Let them bond over their shared interests, and see how well that transfers into good communication in the office.

Volunteer Week – For the Altruists

Although team-building events can be associated with self-indulgent behaviour, it doesn’t necessarily need to be so. It is quite possible that your staff would appreciate an activity that benefits the community, nature, and environment more.

Whether it’s spending time with senior citizens or running a marathon to gather money for a significant cause, you can use it as a bonding activity. Not only will you contribute to a good cause, but you will also help strengthen your team.

Excursion to the Vineyard – For the Hedonists

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This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about team building, but it can surely be a highly effective one. If you believe your team would appreciate a fancier version of a company retreat, you can invest in a stay at a bed and breakfast close to some vineyard.

Of course, the trip would include the visit and the wine tasting, as well as some quality time in nature. Mind you, this kind of trip isn’t necessarily very exciting, so make sure not to disappoint your employees.

Low-Key Board Games Night – For the Quieter Ones

Most team-building events require certain funds, and some of them can take a significant swing at your budget. If you don’t see a chance to finance elaborate retreats, you can always choose a quieter, low-budget option of a bowling alley, board games or beer pong tournaments. The important thing is not to give up on team building completely just because the option you prefer is currently out of your price range.

The biggest benefit of a team-building activity is the connection created between the employees. But, if you don’t build upon that connection, invest in it, nurture it and reward it… Well, then it will wither and die.

The follow-up after the event is crucial in terms of reaping the benefits. If your employees have bonded, joked around, and shared impactful stories and experience, make sure that they have a space to do that once they are back in the office.

If you go back to your usual rhythm and focus only on the goals and revenue, all the hard work won’t mean a thing. Foster a culture of a team, not a group, and every event that celebrates that will be even more successful.

michaeldeane Michael Deane is one of the editors of Qeedle, a small business magazine. When not blogging (or working), he can usually be spotted on the track, doing his laps, or with his nose deep in the latest John Grisham.
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