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7 important tips for moving with valuable items

  • Know when to transport furniture or buy a new one

Large furniture is a big burden of moving. So, disposal before moving is effective in reducing transportation costs.

Furniture, in particular, is a big game. The moving fee is determined by the number of trucks, the number of staff and the distance traveled. Large furniture and home appliances occupy most of the truck bed space. If you dispose before moving and have a new one delivered to your new home, you will save on having to pay for the new furniture delivery twice.

  • Book a moving company early

If you already know the moving date in advance, get an estimate early. That said, the moving industry is busy from March to April, and many of them are already booked at the beginning of the year on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays where customers can easily rest. Because. At other times, the workload is almost constant.

  • Get a quote!

Look for at least three companies that look good from among the movers found by searching online. I think it would be enough to take 5 companies. Get a quote from each one of them. Once you have a quote, you can start to get a feel of the strengths and weaknesses of each company.

  • Never hide valuables

Don’t think that keeping something valuable hidden in a larger item will allow you peace of mind. You should think of the opposite in fact. Not declaring forthright will mean that there is no chance for it to be compensated if anything happens to it and you cannot find it once the moving is done. Some people still think it’s a good idea to place cash and bankbooks between books and clothes and hide them in desks and chest drawers, but such packaging and management methods are not recommended because they can easily lead to a loss.

  • Managing small valuable items

Cash, passbook related - Put it in an envelope and store it in a bag on the day you move. If you are uneasy, you can also consider how to leave it in a trusted relative.

Jewelries - For jewelry such as gold and silver, it is difficult to store them in a bag. You can only rest assured if you have someone you trust like close relatives or ask a specialist to manage them. However, there is nothing special about packaging them. What is recommended is that you put jewelries in a small cardboard box and keep it in an easily accessible location so that you can always carry it with you.

Art and antiques - Art works and antiques vary depending on quality and size. However, important art and antiques are not something you can pack yourself. There are cases where moving companies handle the packing and management of arts and antiques under certain conditions. Note that there is an price limit for how much a company can be liable for, ask about these limitations before agreeing.

By the way, valuables with a small size can be stored in a “safety box” or “trunk room where valuables are handled”. You can inquire about the outlines for the “safety box” and “trunk room handling valuables” when booking.

  • Plan your route inside houses

Way before the moving day, do the handling of your valuable items around your house in your mind. Do it multiple times until you’re sure that you’ve covered unfortunate scenarios. Doing so will ensure that you’re taking the most optimal route towards the outside of your house. You’ll also be prepared if any points or corners need to be covered to avoid damage of items that will be carried away.

  • Experience and track record

Look into reviews from previous clients of the company you’ll entrust with your valuables. The internet is an amazing resource, especially when taken advantage of. Do not miss the chance of maybe finding out some of the weaknesses of the moving company you’re leaning into from firsthand experience. Take Removalists BNE as an example of a company with an exemplary history of satisfied clients.


The timeline for the move will depend on distance and amount of work. Usually, if you’re moving in the same city of the next, the work should be done in half a day unless you really have a lot of stuff. You want to give as much detail as possible to the mover so they too can give you a more accurate estimate, which will benefit both parties. It also doesn’t need to be said but we’ll mention anyway that it isn’t a mover’s job to pack for you.

If packing is not finished before the contractor arrives, the contractor may be able to help only for a small number of items, but if the amount of packing is too large or too many, the move itself will happen at a later date. In addition, even if a contractor helps with packing, it may be charged, so it is important to finish packing before the big day arrives.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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