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7 Innovative Features by Marathi Keyboard to make your Conversations meaningful

When a conversation gets better with personalized, expressive, and smart features, it makes the keyboard the best one. The Bobble Keyboard's innovative features allow its users to share stickers or GIFs in just one click and make the conversation interesting.

The bobble keyboard is empowering the next generations to come by making their communication better that helps in expressing words for emotions in a better way. The use of these features is getting better and better with the coming technologies so that people who are away from each other can contact in a fun way as well as have professional communication too.

Why the Marathi keyboard makes your conversation meaningful-

The Marathi bobble keyboard has various features that let you convert it in a meaningful way as well as in a proper style. It lets you express your values in your regional language and here are the main features of the keyboard.

1.  Typing in Marathi- a very unique input tool that converts your text into the Marathi language by fast typing in Marathi for translating from Marathi to English is the main feature of the Marathi keyboard app. You can type in Marathi and translate your language into Marathi with the help of a fast typing tool. This fast typing tool takes very little time to translate your language into Marathi or even helps you type faster in the same language.

2. Predictions using AI Technology- most virtual keyboards now use AI technology and with the help of it, we get the prediction of the words entered. The feature that makes this keyword unique is the prediction feature for Marathi and English both. As soon as you type a word or a group of words it shows you the next expected words you want to enter so that you can increase the speed of your typing in the Marathi language.

3.  Glide Typing- The very advanced feature of typing with the glide is winning the game. You can simply slide your finger from one letter to another and type faster with the help of this feature. This feature has helped so many users out there to increase their typing speed. The older generations as well as the younger generation both are loving this idea of glide typing because of its smoothness and good results.

4.  Cartoon head selfie or a picture- a very creative feature introduced by the bobble app which you will not find in any other keyboard is the cartoon head feature. You can take selfies and create your creative Avatars and add lines in the Marathi language to get into a creative chat. You can send a variety of other Marathi stickers, GIFs to add fun to your conversation while typing on the Marathi Keyboard. Once you get your hands on these features you will love having conversations with your friends and family.

5. Marathi movie quotes- A very fun added feature of sending marathi movie quote is loved by all. All the people who love binging on Marathi movies can utilize this feature of sending movie quotes and have an enjoyable time with friends and family. You can showcase your taste in movies and songs with the help of this feature and flaunt your best skills. The easy download feature of the latest movie stickers, fun story packs is a Pro in making your conversations better and funnier.

6.  Library of themes and elegant fonts- From funky conversation to professional conversation, Marathi Virtual Keyboard has got your back with its stylish fonts. Personalize your fonts according to your conversation. You can also personalize your theme of Keyboard by adding your pictures, good wallpaper backgrounds, etc. Along with these cute features, you can also get Live IPL Scores and Updates on your Marathi Keyboard with amazing IPL themes.

7.  Voice Typing- If you are fluent in speaking the Marathi language, you can use an amazing feature of voice typing and rock your typing speed in no time. The voice typing feature is so accurate that it won't make any mistakes while listening and typing your words on the keyboard. This very amazing feature will help all the generations to save their time in typing and texting.

The Marathi typing keyboard is a good option if you are from Maharashtra and looking for a smooth Keyboard with added features that lets you chat creatively and with fun. Marathi Keyboard also respects your privacy and no personal information like pin code, Visa number, OTP, Credit Card Number gets collected concerning security and protection. The Marathi keyboard also collects feedback from their users that lets them get better with time and improve its experience. The words you type are saved by the local dictionary for better predictions, which ensures your speed and smooth typing. Download marathi keyboard app here!



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