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7 Law Firm Website Design Features for Lead Generation

Are you an attorney who is looking to create an effective digital presence? Then start by creating a powerful law firm website design . Your interface is the cornerstone of your entire digital marketing strategy. No matter how people come to know about your practice, they will visit your website to assess your firm’s competence and capabilities.

Since the internet has become the primary source of information for legal users, websites have also emerged as robust marketing tools for attorneys. This has led to the emergence of law firm web design agency   or web design studio as a separate field within itself.

A legal interface is different from other business interfaces and needs to have some key components to succeed. Here is a list of some features that every law firm website design should definitely contain.

1.Landing Pages With Clean Layouts

Your landing pages are one of the most important conversion tools. Make sure you create pages with clean and simple layouts. This will help visitors in easily spotting the key items on the page. Clearly explain the nature of your practice along with your location. Include a differentiating factor that sets you apart from your competitors.

Refrain from using flowery languages and too much legal jargon. Insert a relevant and strong call to action to encourage conversions. You can also include a small video which can be much more effective than plain text-based content.

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2. Intuitive Navigation Plan

Many attorneys try to create a visual impact by choosing unconventional designs. This is not an incorrect approach but you must make sure that it does not affect the navigation scheme. Visitors must be intuitively guided to all the key areas of your interface. They must be able to easily spot links to all the key pages.

Insert an always-visible navigation bar on top of the page which contains all the important links. This will keep the main links always in the line of sight of a visitor.

3. Regularly Updated Blog Section

People who visit your website do so with the objective of evaluating your expertise. The best way to showcase your mastery in your practice area is through a blog section. Make sure it is updated regularly with fresh content. Identify the topics that are being searched for by your target audience and create posts on them.

Fashion informative pieces which are not too long. In case, a topic demands detailed description break a long post into short segments to improve its readability.Updating regularly will also be good for your interface’s SEO as search engines prefer websites that frequently update their content.

4. Compelling Attorney Profiles With Photographs

People are as interested in you as they are in your practice area. Once visitors find out about the relevant legal practitioners through search engines, their next step is to research the shortlisted professionals. Attorney profile pages allow them to know about the educational and professional details of a lawyer.

These sections also give them a glimpse of the personality of the attorney. Make sure you create a compelling bio that highlights your achievements. You can also mention your interests and hobbies to humanize yourself to your audience. You must also include a professionally-shot photograph in this section.

5. Strong And Suitable Calls to Action

A powerful law firm website is incomplete without strong calls to action. These are instruments that tell what visitors should do next on a website and help them convert. Create CTA buttons in contrasting colors so that they stand out on a page. Place them after the content so that the visitors are primed for conversion.

Choose the message of the tabs carefully. Be innovative and communicate your value proposition through the CTA. For instance, “Get your free consultation now” sounds much better than “Call us now”.

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6. Contact Form With Only The Necessary Fields

Contact forms are another vital component of legal websites that also act as important lead generation tools. Create your form with only the necessary fields as you do not want to put off visitors by asking for too many details. Include boxes for only the basic data like name, telephone number, and the nature of the legal issue. You can add any other field which is relevant to your practice area. However, it will be pertinent to ask for only the basic details in the beginning.

7. Contact Information On All Pages

It is common for law firms to miss out on new clients because visitors could not find the contact information easily. Make sure that all the key details like your phone number, e-mail ID, and the contact form CTA is clearly visible on all pages. It will also be helpful to include a map so that people can easily find their way to your office. Remember to include an encouraging CTA urging users to get in touch with your firm.


Every powerful law firm website design contains all these essential features which convert it into an effective lead generation and conversion tool. The inclusion of these items helps in effectively communicating your message to the audience and inspires trust in their minds.

Hi, I am Sophia Dicosta, an law firm seo marketing expert at Conroy Creative Counsel - Best online marketing agency for lawyers in the USA.

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