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7 Metrics to Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts digital Marketing effort to improve the website ranking and traffic.

7 Metrics to Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Is your Digital Marketing strategy actually working for your company or probably struggling to master your metric? Or just wasting your money, resources and time? If you think you have no digital marketing strategy even when you are not actively participating in it, then you might be wrong though. Customer opinion is forming up there on various social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Also, be prepared to measure the return on investment whenever you invest money in marketing activities for your company. Thus, your social media activity matters a lot, take your time to regularly evaluate how well your strategy is performing.

This led to an important question: How you can measure your digital marketing efforts?

Let’s discuss in detail:

Various ways to measure digital marketing efforts:

Note it down away:

  1. Reexamine your target customer profiles.
  2. Evaluate your digital marketing goals.
  3. Evaluate your messaging strategies.
  4. Take a look at your digital presence.
  5. Check your digital marketing ROI.
  6. Respect your Rank.
  7. Number of Visits.

Let us discuss them in detail:

1). Reexamine your target customer profiles:

Before starting a campaign, what you need to work on is getting an idea of your target customer’s demographics, interests, and Web activities according to the new data. For example: if you have decided to target young woman on Facebook aged in between 18-25 but according to the Facebook insights, the traffic is coming from the middle-aged woman, then it’s high time to plan your strategy according to the new data.

2). Evaluate your digital marketing goals:

It is the most important strategy to measure your digital marketing strategy. It includes the examination of the specific goals you’ve set for yourself in the past. Following items should one must add in his/ her digital marketing goals:

  • Do not forget to mention your brand name on social media sites.
  • Focus on the maximum number of social sharing of your blog posts.
  • Try to gain more and more Inbound website visitors from social networks
  • Maintain huge size of your fan base on social networking websites.
  • Try to get a good number of positive reviews left about your company on sites like Google Reviews and Yelp.
  • Good conversions resulting from social traffic.

Take time to implement your target projections. Also, keep an eye on the current performance of your company performance and keep on changing the targets accordingly. Revise your goals to accommodate new objectives if needed.

3). Evaluate your messaging strategies:

Plan your messaging strategies before releasing as part of your digital marketing campaigns. At first, analyze what kind of messages is performing the best with your customers. Whether it is videos, blog- posts, podcasts or text-based status updates.

Also, choose the words in your piece of messaging that resonate perfectly with your audience. Make sure you share marketing materials periodically with your users.

If you will work accordingly to the customer’s expectations from your brand, you will not only see a high number of social shares of your contents as people will pass it on to others but also high levels of engagement with your branded materials. If still, you are not observing the right results, it clearly means that there is a mismatch between your company’s messaging and your customers’ interests.

4). Take a look at your digital presence:

You need to periodically assess whether or not you’re actively participating in the right digital properties to reexamine the types of customers you target. Always take time to determine whether or not you’re active on the right sites. If you launched your digital marketing campaign before the advent of the right social network, then you could be missing a major part of your targeted potential customers.

5). Check your digital marketing ROI:

everyone plans for a positive outcome. Similarly, a positive return on investment is the goal of every digital marketing effort. Although calculating your overall ROI, is quite a difficult task, but tracking these two methods can help you to a major extent. Have a look:

  • The overall beneficial in the economy from conversions you’re tracking.
  • The financial investments and time expenditures you have invested in your digital marketing campaigns.

To understand it better. Let’s take an example. Suppose in the whole market campaign you invested $1200, ($600 for labor cost and $600 for digital marketing materials). Now after it, the total profit calculated according to 10 sales for each $30 is $300. What does it indicate? It means you need to realign your digital marketing efforts.

But on the other hand, you observe that from a particular website, there is a total 80 percent contribution of total sales. It means you need to refocus mainly on that part of areas from where you are getting maximum reach and those are proven the best resources for your business.

6). Respect your Rank:

Rank matters the most if you want to grow your business. If your website ranks on Google first page, it clearly means people are clicking on it and your business is going well and good. To check the overall performance, note down your Rank before starting up the campaign. After the completion of the campaign compares the ranking with the previous one. If there is an improvement in it, it clearly means your campaign likely contributed to the improvement.

7). Number of Visits:

Your post reaching out maximum people should be your prior priority. There are a number of tools comes with your hosting services that keep on track the graph of the visitors from different regions of the country. The more visits, means the more people reaching out your sales of the business. So, follow up the strategies to improve this category.

Time to wrap up:

So, what’s going to be your next move? What are your plans to improve your company’s overall performance? Implement these mentioned ways to measure your digital marketing efforts. If still there is any doubt or questions to ask, feel free to comment in the comment section provided below!

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