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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Metal Roofs

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Roof painting is an exciting job and might seem simple to you. However, it is not an easy job, and several minor details are to be considered for getting the best results. Painting your metal roofs for the first time or repainting them needs a thoughtful process. You might think of ways to paint your roof better. But, in this process, we often overlook the mistakes that we must avoid. 

This article mentions some of the common mistakes that you must avoid when painting your metal roofs. 

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Buying The Wrong Type of Paint

If you are a newbie, you might end up buying the wrong kind of paint for your metal roofs. It might not provide the insulation and be of poor quality. Any paint can't be used for metal roofs. It is because it has to withstand extreme weather conditions in certain circumstances that can wear it off with time. A professional roofing company can help you in selecting the right product. 

Not Using Sealants

Sealants due to the metal roofs what primer does to your eye in makeup. It seals your paint in its place and makes it last longer than the one without sealant. Sealants also help in reducing corrosion on the metal roofs, and the paint doesn't flake off the roofs. Sealants also protect the paint from harmful UV radiations, thus making it last longer. 

Incorrect Application Method

Another common mistake is the incorrect paint application method. Many people either put a very thin layer of paint or so thick that it doesn't stick firmly. The thinner one starts to peel off sooner, which creates a bad outlook. It is advisable to use air sprayers for spraying the paint on the metal surface. However, you can also use a paint brush and roller. But it is better to hire a professional company to paint all your roofs efficiently. Moreover, if you don't know how to paint a metal roof, it is advisable to leave that to a professional roofing company such as Stahl Roof Systems.

Using The Old Paint

Homeowners sometimes think that their old paints are still useful and can be used for their metal roofs. However, this paint lacks many features required for metal roofs. The quality of this paint is quite different from what is required for metal roofs. Neither can they reflect UV rays, nor can they withstand the weather conditions. Therefore, you must always go for brand new paint with the required features for the metal roofs.

Not Considering Safety

Metal roof painting is not a job for everyone. Going there on the top can be dangerous, and you must take proper safety steps for it. Have the necessary safety equipment such as rope, ladders with the right painting tools for metal roof painting. 

Not Preparing Your Roof 

Preparing your roofs is critical for having great painting results. Before painting metal roofs, make sure to clean and wash your roofs. Doing this will make it free from dust, dirt, grime, mildew, and mold. Otherwise, the dust and grime will stick to the paint that can affect the final outlook of your roofs. 

Painting In a Wet Weather

Nobody would want to paint in rainy weather as the paint won't stick on the metal roofs. It would create a messy scene for you because the paint will come raining down from the top. Therefore, it is better to wait for dry, sunny weather when you can easily apply paint. 


Painting metal roofs is a cumbersome task and not everyone can do that. Hiring professionals for that can help you in doing the job better. Moreover, they would also suggest the best shade suitable for your property.

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