7 Most beautiful places in Evansville?


This thriving Midwest city is not just a commercial center, but also a popular tourist destination, with a diverse range of attractions encompassing history, nature, and traditional culture.

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The Hartman Arboretum

The Hartman Arboretum is on Grant and Jean Hartman's private land. Three gardens await visitors: a biodiversity garden, a hydrangea garden, and a meditative garden. A stumpery, natural vine arbor, blueberry field, crab apple espalier, fall grove, and oak forest are among the other attractions. Butterfly Day, Moth Night, Spring at Arboretum, Tree ID, and other activities are held from spring through fall. The public is welcome to visit the Hartman Arboretum all year. 


Burdette Park

This Indiana park is a natural refuge as well as a recreational center with a variety of amenities. It is a popular metropolitan location for people seeking to get closer to nature, with a 3-mile paved route for walking, biking, and running, as well as several paths to explore the woods. Fishing, BMX, and even miniature golf are just a few of the things available. You may also rent one of the wooden cabins on the premises to spend the night in the middle of nature.

Mesker Park Zoo

Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana is the ideal place for a day of family enjoyment. There are several creatures to admire and unusual plants to discover. Over 700 species, including giraffes, tigers, anteaters, and penguins, live at this zoo on Mesker Park Drive. The zoo also features a Botanical Garden where you may see a wide variety of attractive plants, from tall trees to floral bushes. The Children's Enchanted Forest offers children safe hands-on play in natural surroundings, as well as a seasonal petting zoo.

Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science

There's something for everyone at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science. The museum has been educating the city since 1874 and is now housed in the Downtown Historic District. The museum's Museum Highlights Tour, which takes visitors around the museum's three main regions, is a great way to explore this museum.
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Regular and touring exhibitions, as well as permanent collections, are available. The Koch Immersive Theater, which offers a full-dome cinema experience, is also a must-see for tourists.

Reitz Home Museum

The mansion, which was built in 1871 by a wealthy timber merchant named John Augustus Reitz, houses a beautiful collection of luxurious furnishings from the time period. Enjoy the guided tour to see the beautiful chandeliers, stained glass panels, hand-painted ceilings, complex wood floor patterns, Mediterranean doorway screening, and white onyx furnaces that the mansion has to offer. One of the best specimens of French Second Empire-style architecture in the country may be seen at this Victorian house museum.

Howell Wetlands

Howell Wetlands is one of Indiana's urban wetlands parks, covering 35 acres and providing a beautiful location to appreciate nature located in the middle of Evansville. Explore the woods and get a better look at the aquatic life by making use of the walking paths and boardwalks that lead easily up to the lake. The wetlands are home to a diverse range of animals, including herons, beavers, and ducks, which you may see during your visit.

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Angel Mounds State Historic Site is located in southwestern Indiana that stretches along the Ohio River. It is a National Historic Landmark and the best-preserved site of prehistoric Native American culture in the country. The largest mound, archaeologists think, was where the town was located, while lesser mounds were used for cosmological and recreational uses. Visitors may learn about a prehistoric civilization by visiting a replica museum that depicts the daily living. The property also has bike and hiking paths, as well as seasonal activities.

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