7 Must-Know Barbershop Etiquettes


If you have never been 100% satisfied with your stylist, maybe it's not him but you who is to blame. In this article, I will show you 7 important barbershop etiquettes to make your visit and the money you pay worth the while. Let's dive in.

Must-Know Barbershop Etiquettes


(Looking for a perfect cut in East Nashville? Get a professional East Nashville men's barber shop here) Go to your barber with the unwashed head. You can Small Talk to the barbershop. It is a popular way barbers love to chat.



Know What You Want

If you were at all in a professional barbershop, the stylist is most likely to have a constant flow of customers every day. So, it makes sense that deciding the hairstyle that you want will help to speed things up. Besides, knowing what hairstyle you want in the first place is a great way to avoid confusion. In my opinion, I recommend having a picture of your projected haircut on your phone as a visual aid.


Clean Your Hair Thoroughly

Though this is usually neglected but prepping is a crucial step toward a proper haircut. Before leaving for the stylist, wash your hair thoroughly with soap and water before rinsing. After this, rinse completely with clean water and dry your hair off. This way, you get rid of dandruff and gunks, which in turn makes barbing easier for your barber. Besides, it is a great way to avoid skin infection. Make & must sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly with water before shampooing that works well for Clean Your Hair.


Your Head Is His Head

This may come off like a joke but for the time being, your head belongs to the stylist. Move your head only when he asks to, in the direction he asks to, and to the extent he demands. You will not only make his work easier and secure accuracy in the result but also avoid getting a cut or any other injury that can be caused by the blade. Needless to say, whenever you need to take a break after tilting your head in a position for a while, let him know before making the move.



If you are always caught in the habit of scrolling through your newsfeeds or mails, staying off your phone once with your barber is beyond just a sign of courtesy. As opposed to the constant body movements that can lead to a haircut hazard or even distract your stylist from getting you the perfect shape, staying off your phone in the meantime establishes that you stay put, thus enabling an easy workflow for your stylist. This in turn allows you and your stylist to concentrate, work together as a team in getting you the perfect cut.


Have Conversation But Patiently

Barbers, the professional ones, have gone through enough training and are therefore masters in their field. Telling your barber how to barb can irritate them. Showing him the picture of the style you want is enough, he will always know how to cut it on you. But a decent conversation wouldn't hurt. Haircutters are humans too and they find working for you interesting when you engage them in a conversation. Meanwhile, keep your conversations open. Choose a general topic and don't get too personal. Some great topics to talk about are; the elections, sports, a recent event that just has unfolded in your city, or just any other general discussion.




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