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7 Natural Remedies to Help You Fight Sinus Infection at Ease

Sinusitis may be that the infection of the sinus and typically occurs when excess mucus develops or there is a blockage of the sinuses.

Types of Sinus Infections

  • Viral Sinus Infections
  • Bacterial Sinus Infections

Natural Treatment for Sinus Infection

Although viral and bacterial sinus infections tend to resolve themselves over time, even with symptoms such as heavily congested nasal passages, a throbbing pressure on your head, pain and overall fatigue; who wouldn't be looking for a fast route out?

Here are my 7 Natural Remedies to Help a Sinus Infection:

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

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Keep drinking to help naturally thin mucus out. Stick to clear liquids which are free of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol -- herbal teas, water or clear veggie broths are your best bet.

2. Simply take Natural antiviral Herbs

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Whilst there was a time and place for antibiotics, we can not ignore the fact that they are often overprescribed and unnecessary. Not only are antibiotics ineffective against viral infections, however, they also have potential unwanted side effects, including destroying your gut flora.

Taking even just one course of antibiotics will significantly weaken your intestine flora, and as we just covered, an unhealthy gut flora leaves your own immune system compromised and much more susceptible to infection. Furthermore, because so many of us are used to taking antibiotics, the bacteria itself is becoming more and more resistant to the antibiotics, and our immune systems are being weakened over time.

For anyone who suffers regularly from sinus infections, a weakened immune system means you are not only more susceptible to bacterial infections but to the (more common) viral sinus infections.

What to do about it: introduce natural antiviral foods and herbs into your diet:

  • Oregano Oil
  • Olive leaf
  • Astragalus
  • Manuka Honey
  • Garlic
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C

3. Steam Inhalation, hot showers and Vaporizers

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Humid air can be the best friend when it comes to sinus relief.

Inhaling steam helps loosen congestion, calm inflammation and flake out nasal passages so that you can breathe more easily.

Herbal Facial Steam: into some bowl or pot of heated water, add a few drops of lavender, thyme, or rosemary, then hold your face over the pot and drape a towel over the head,. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for instant relief. Repeat as needed. Eucalyptus, thyme and rosemary oil all have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and help reduce the swelling of mucous membranes.

Shower: Warm, steamy showers are a super easy household remedy that you can do to help relieve sinus pressure and also help loosen mucus and clear things outside. Simply sprinkle a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil/rosemary oil around your bathtub then turn up the water to as warm as you can stand it.

Vaporizer: Alternatively, using a vaporizer keeps the air humid and is great to use at night while you sleep.

4. Nasal Rinse

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Neti pots are a wonderful, natural and safe way to clear out nasal passages and relieve sinus pressure. They're great to add directly into your own everyday routine, also can be used once or twice a day. (follow instructions on the packaging)

Neti pots are especially good for those who find sinusitis is triggered by cigarette smoke, pollution or mold, for example.

Ask instore or email us to order your own Neti Pot.

5. Hot + Cold Compress

Much such as herbal steam, a warm compress helps you relieve pain and increase circulation, and by simply alternating hot and cold compresses, this can help further with sinus pressure and pain and help keep nasal passages clear.

Simply hold a warm, slightly damp washcloth over eyes and nose to get 3-4 minutes, then switch into a cool washcloth for 30 minutes. Repeat this several times. The warm compress helps loosen mucus, while the cold relieves pain.

6. Cosmetic massage

When you're suffering from sinus pressure and congestion, massaging your sinuses may help alleviate irritation and drain a sore nose.

Using your palms, apply gentle pressure just to the side of each nostril, around your cheeks for about a minute. If you don't experience any relief after this time then increase the pressure slightly and move your fingers in a circular motion. Do this to get an additional minute.

Next, use your fingertips to apply pressure to the inner corners of your eyes. Increase blood pressure and use circular movements, if needed.

7. Sleep

I can't advise this one enough!

Rest is so important when supporting your body to heal and fight off infection.

Prioritize this one.

And If you are having trouble falling asleep when you've got a sinus infection caused by pain and congestion, try out the above tip on steam inhalation before bed, or have a vapouriser going in the bedroom.

Sleep with your head slightly elevated, and keep your room nice and dark.

If you are experiencing reoccurring or constant sinus infections, it might be in your own best interest to find an ear nose and throat specialist and also discuss alternative treatments to help improve your sinus function.

Other Natural treatment for getting rid of Sinus infection includes: massaging pressure points present on foot and hands, intake of apple cider vinegar soln., taking hot steam on face etc.

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